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Tatra Mountains. TOPR rescuers summed up their holidays

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This summer, 385 tourists needed the help of the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service. – The most common cause of accidents were slips and trips, rescuers say. Five accidents were fatal, and in 116 cases it was necessary to lift the helicopter.

TOPR summarized the holiday period, from June 24 to September 3. During this time, 128 accidents resulted in serious injuries and five in death.

– The most common cause of accidents were slips and trips – this is approximately half of all the incidents we were called to. There were falls from great heights 14 times. Another reason for our interventions were sudden illnesses – ranging from diarrhea to heart attacks, as well as allergies and diseases related to diabetes. or generally with lifestyle diseases – says TOPR rescuer Andrzej Marasek. He adds: – 13 actions concerned providing assistance to people who assessed their condition poorly or were not properly prepared or equipped for a mountain trip.

Action of rescuers and TOPR helicopter. “The tourist was descending from Rysy. He tripped on a stone and fell (09/07/2023)Contact 24/ Krzysztof

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Fatal accident during the last weekend of the holidays

According to rescue statistics, the largest number of interventions in the Tatra Mountains concerned trips resulting in various injuries – from fractures of legs and arms to minor contusions and joint dislocations.

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Tatra rescuers had the busiest time in August. The second half of July was rainy and snow appeared on the peaks, which resulted in lower tourist attendance on the trails.

Night rescue operationTOPR / Facebook

– Unfortunately, last holiday weekend there was a fatal accident of a 19-year-old boy who was walking along the ridge between Wroty Chałubińskiego and Szpiglasowy Wierch. He slipped and fell about 150-200 meters to the base of the wall, dying on the spot, Marasek said.

During the summer of 2022, TOPR rescuers provided help to 332 injured people in the Tatra Mountains. Four people died on the trails, including one as a result of being struck by lightning.

Main photo source: Contact 24/ Krzysztof

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