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Tatra Mountains, Zakopane. The man wanted to take a selfie with the bear, he was bitten

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While walking along the Chochołowska Valley, a tourist encountered a bear with which he wanted to take a picture. The 72-year-old, however, got too close to the predator and was bitten in the leg. He was taken to the hospital.

On Thursday, a 72-year-old tourist met a bear in the Chochołowska Valley, in the Tatra Mountains. He wanted to take a selfie with him and got bitten. The man was very lucky, because the leg wound was not too serious.

– In the afternoon hours, a 72-year-old patient from the vicinity of the Chochołowska Valley was brought to the hospital with stab wounds, bites and torn wounds made by a bear. Probably, from the patient’s report, we know that he wanted to take a picture of this dangerous animal – Jerzy Toczek from the district hospital in Zakopane said in an interview with TVN24. He added that the man was stitched and there was no bone injury. After treating the wound, the 72-year-old left the hospital on his own. “His condition is good,” emphasized the doctor.

The authorities of the Tatra National Park confirm that such an event took place, but have not commented on the matter yet. An announcement on this issue is to be released on Friday.

Tatra Mountains. Watch out for the bears

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Currently, bears feed intensively to feed themselves before winter falls. They will spend the winter period in lairs and must accumulate adequate reserves of fat. The TPN authorities remind you that in the event of a meeting with a bear, you should calmly move away in the opposite direction.

How to behave when meeting a bear?

When we encounter a bear in the forest, it is better to be very careful. Here are the rules to keep in mind:

Go quietly and calmly. Don’t run away lest the bear treat you like prey. Also, don’t go up the tree as the bear does it much better.

If you come across cubs, back off especially carefully. There may be a female nearby who can be very dangerous to protect them.

Do not feed the bears, leave no food scraps or packaging that may be of interest to them. Bears are especially dangerous when feeding.

Do not approach them to take a picture or record a video. A flash or shining a flashlight can irritate them.

If you come face to face with a bear, gently unfasten the lap belt of the backpack to be able to throw it off – this may be of interest to the predator. However, do not make sudden movements and control his behavior. Don’t look him in the eye.

It is especially dangerous when a bear is watching you and its ears are backwards. Then be especially careful, do not make sudden movements, retreat very slowly.

If the bear does not lose interest in you, gently lie down on the ground, curl your leg, cover your neck and face with your hands. Most of the time it will leave you alone, at worst – it should only scratch.

Main photo source: TVN24

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