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Tatras. A series of TOPR rescue operations, crowds of tourists on the trails. Current conditions

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A total of 30 tourists were helped last weekend by the rescuers of the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service, also on the Slovak side of the mountains. Since Friday, the Tatra Mountains have been visited by crowds of tourists. Some lost their way and got stuck in hard-to-reach areas, others suffered limb or head injuries. The Tatra National Park reminds you that there is still snow in places in the mountains.

It’s full summer in the Tatras. Throughout the last weekend (July 7-9) there were crowds of tourists in the highest Polish mountains. Some of them were unable to overcome obstacles during their wanderings and suffered accidents.

Rescuers of the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service from Friday to Sunday helped a total of 30 people. One of the more serious accidents happened on Sunday near Rysy, when one of the tourists he tripped on a rock and fell, sustaining a head injury.

Operation of TOPR rescuers near RysyKrzysztof/Contact 24

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The tourist tripped on a stone and fell

One of the first weekend interventions was undertaken by TOPR rescuers on Friday around noon. “The helicopter from Krzesanica to the hospital in Zakopane transported a young tourist with the disease together with his guardian. In the afternoon, a tourist who suffered a lower limb injury at the Putiarski Threshold in the Roztoki Valley needed help,” reads TOPR’s release.

TOPR rescue operationA. Górka / TOPR

On Saturday, TOPR people helped, among others, a tourist who, after descending the Kulczyński gully, slid down the snow and fell to Kozia Dolinka, suffering a leg injury. At the same time, at the end of the Kulczyński Couloir, rescuers came across a group of tourists who asked for help in getting out of the difficult terrain. In the evening, TOPR rescuers helped two tourists on the East Face of Kościelca, who had lost their way and got stuck in difficult terrain. They were transported to the top of Kościeliec by helicopter.

On Sunday – in addition to helping a tourist with a head injury – TOPR rescuers supported their colleagues from the Slovak Horska Zachranna Service in getting two tourists from the difficult terrain Czech. “Climber climbers got stuck in difficult terrain and were unable to withdraw from the wall. TOPR rescuers evacuated the climbers by helicopter and handed them over to HZS rescuers at the helipad at Zielony Staw Kieżmarskie” – the release emphasized.

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Snow in the Tatras. Current conditions

Summer conditions prevail in the Tatras, which means that the traffic on the trails is higher than usual. The culmination of congestion fell on the weekend, but also on Monday the mountains are not empty. “There is a lot of tourist traffic in the Tatras. Queues form in places equipped with artificial facilitations (chains), which may extend the duration of the trip. This should be taken into account when planning the route. We recommend buying tickets online, as queues also form at ticket offices” – we read in the communication of the Tatra National Park.

TPN emphasizes that not everywhere you can go without preparing for winter conditions.

“In the higher parts of the High Tatras, there are still patches of snow on the trails (i.e. the area of ​​Orla Perć, Rysy, Wrota Chałubiński, Przełęcz pod Chłopkiem, Szpiglasowa Przełęcz from the side of Dol. Piię Stawów) – you should be especially careful because it is slippery there, and slipping on steep terrain may lead to a dangerous fall.

Naturalists point out that moving in such conditions “requires experience in winter mountain tourism and the possession of appropriate equipment”.

Main photo source: A. Górka / TOPR

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