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Tatras. A snowboarder kidnapped from Rysy by an avalanche fell over Czarny Staw. An avalanche backpack saved him

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An avalanche kidnapped a snowboarder from Rysy, who fell 850 meters along with the snow. His life was saved by an avalanche backpack, which the tourist managed to launch in the face of danger. Thanks to this, he was on the surface of the snow, not under it.

The rescuers of the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service informed about the snowboarder’s great happiness in social media. On Wednesday, around 12.15, an avalanche crashed from Rysy, carrying a tourist from an altitude of about 2,500 meters above sea level.

Avalanche in the Tatra MountainsS.Bobak / TOPR

Snowboarder rescued by avalanche backpack. What is this?

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The man was falling for about 850 meters, stopping above the surface of the Black Pond, at an altitude of almost 1,700 meters above sea level. As indicated in the TOPR communiqué, “the man managed to activate the avalanche backpack and probably this saved him from serious consequences.”

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Thanks to the avalanche backpack – also known as buoyancy – the snowboarder stayed on the surface of the snow instead of being buried by it.

TOPR rescue operationG.Kubicki / TOPR

– A buoyancy backpack is supposed to keep a person afloat, but it does not guarantee one hundred percent survival, because it does not protect against mechanical injuries – explained the TOPR duty rescuer in an interview with a TVN24 reporter.

The TOPR expert emphasized that a few years ago the so-called “avalanche ABC” was difficult to access. – However, now it can be rented at any rental company that also offers a rental of such a buoyancy backpack – said our interlocutor.

The message stated that after the avalanche descended on Wednesday, it was not certain whether it had kidnapped other tourists approaching Rysy. “Three rescuers and an avalanche dog were transported from Zakopane to Bula near Rysy with the task of checking the avalanche. During these activities, TOPR transported a skier with a knee injury by helicopter from the area of ​​Gładka Przełęcz. After checking the avalanche and talking to witnesses on the spot, it was ruled out that they could there may be other victims” – we read on the TOPR website.

Difficult conditions in the Tatra Mountains

TOPR rescuers are still appealing for extreme caution in the Tatra Mountains, where tourist conditions are not the best. Despite the calendar spring, it is still winter in the higher parts of the mountains.

The third degree of avalanche danger has been in force in the Tatra Mountains since Thursday. What does it mean? TOPR experts explain on their website: “The snow cover is highly differentiated in terms of exhibitions and height. Above 1900 m, snow is blown, especially in shaded places, near the ridge and concave formations. Below this height, wet snow, disappearing. During the day, the forecast increase temperature will negatively affect the stability of the lid. The risk increases to SIGNIFICANT as the temperature increases throughout the day.”

According to the TOPR avalanche report, the third – significant – degree of avalanche risk will most likely be maintained on Friday.

Main photo source: S.Bobak / TOPR

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