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Tatras. A tourist was wandering in the mountains after dark, he lost his shoe in the snow. TOPR rescuers helped him

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The cry for help of a man wandering in the snow was heard on Saturday morning by tourists in the Tatra Mountains. A man in need of rescue turned out to be a man who got lost the day before and – wandering all night in deep snow – lost one shoe. TOPR rescuers pulled him down and handed him over to the doctors in the Zakopane hospital.

On Saturday around 8.30 in the morning, tourists going to the shelter in the Valley of Five Polish Ponds heard a cry for help. As it turned out, a man who had gone to the mountains the day before and wandered there all night asked for help. The tourists called the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service for help.

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TOPR: a tourist lost a shoe in the snow

A tourist in need of help was in a steep terrain near the winter trail to the Valley of Five Polish Ponds. As reported by the TOPR team, when the rescuers set off for the rescue operation, they received a report from another tourist who reported that her husband went to the Valley of Five Polish Ponds on Friday and had not been in contact with him since the evening. He also did not check into the shelter.

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As reported by TOPR, the conditions in the mountains were very difficult at that time. This is confirmed by the video they published showing a snowstorm. Due to the noisy wind, it was even difficult to know if the tourist was still calling for help – and if so, from where. Rescuers reached the injured man around 12.15.

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As the TVN24 reporter told the TOPR duty rescuer Cuba Hornowski, a tourist, survived the night in the Tatras, among other things, because he was equipped with a sleeping bag. Unfortunately, in the deep snow and darkness he lost his shoe, so one of the rescuers brought him replacement shoes. The man, assisted by lifeguards, descended on his own. After 4 p.m., he was handed over to the doctors at the hospital in Zakopane.

– He was walking alone, which was not the most prudent, and in addition, in these conditions with a very strong wind at night, as it turned out, it was very easy to get lost – emphasized Hornowski.

Conditions in the Tatras. Level 3 avalanche danger

After Saturday’s blizzard, the sun shone over the Tatra Mountains on Sunday, encouraging mountain hiking. However, it is dangerous on the trails. There is a third, significant avalanche risk.

According to the services of the Tatra National Park, the trails have been covered with a fresh layer of snow, in the upper parts of the Tatra Mountains their course is invisible.

Kuba Hornowski emphasizes that there are many places in the Tatra Mountains where the threat is particularly high – it is about locations where snow has been blown.

Main photo source: T. Kaminski/TOPR

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