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Tatras. Bears wake up from sleep. An animal on the recording of Reporter 24 [Wideo]

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Bears in the Tatras wake up from winter sleep. One of the animals was noticed by Reporter 24 while hiking in the vicinity of the Mała Łąki Valley. “He was asleep, but after a while he started moving, scratching a tree,” he said. He immortalized the bear from a long distance in photos and a recording that he sent to Kontakt 24.

As Mr. Karol reported in an interview with the editorial office of Kontakt 24, he observed the bear on Thursday around 1 pm. – My wife and I were descending from the top, we were in the area of ​​the Mała Łąki Valley and then I noticed a red face. I started looking. The bear was sleeping, but after a while it started to move, to scratch the tree. We were surprised, we saw a bear for the first time – he said. – We walk in the mountains several times a year, we have already seen a lot of animals, but only today a bear. We were not afraid because we were far from him. I watched him for about ten minutes,” added Reporter 24.


What to do when you meet a bear

The materials sent to Kontakt 24 were made from a long distance. Keep in mind that wild animals can be dangerous and it is best to avoid encounters with them. Surprised in their natural environment, they can become aggressive. In the case of a direct encounter with a bear, the most important thing is to remain calm. Do not panic and run away or climb a tree, because the bear may treat you like prey. If he is not aware of our presence, quietly and slowly back away.

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When we stand face to face with a bear, we should gently unfasten the hip belt of the backpack to be able to drop it to distract the animal. However, you must not make sudden movements and do not look the bear in the eye. If the bear does not lose interest in us, lie down on the ground, tuck your legs up, cover your neck and face with your hands. In most cases, he should ignore us.

How to behave when meeting a bear

How to behave when meeting a bearArchival materialTVN24

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Bears in the Tatras wake up from winter sleep

The activity of bears coming out of hibernation is observed by naturalists from the Tatra National Park. These are primarily males and females with older offspring. – The bears are already awake. Their tracks left in the snow have been spotted by park staff in various areas Tatras, from the Chochołowska Valley to the area of ​​Kop Sołtysich. After a few months of fasting, they are now intensively looking for food – said Tomasz Skrzydłowski, doctor of forest sciences from the Tatra National Park. He added that “although herbaceous plants have emerged from the snow”, “this is primarily the moment when predators are intensively looking for carrion”.

In searching for carcasses of chamois or deer under the snow, bears are helped by their excellent sense of smell, which is the best developed of all their senses. As Skrzydłowski notes, bears can smell the smell of decaying meat from a distance of up to three kilometers.

Bear tracks are observed in the valleys and mountainous parts of the Tatra Mountains. In some places located higher, for example near Morskie Oko, where there is still a lot of snow and low temperature. In such a situation, bears may descend in search of food near human settlements, where predators attract food leftovers in garbage dumps. Naturalists from the TPN appeal to the residents of the estates bordering the park to secure composters and garbage cans.

In Poland, brown bears are under strict protection, and their main refuge is the Bieszczady Mountains. When they accumulate adequate fat reserves, they create the so-called lair, where they usually sleep from November to March. Every two years, a female bear gives birth to one to three cubs in the lair, which remain under her care for a year and a half. Adult individuals weigh about 300 kilograms and live up to 50 years.

Brown bearPAP/Maciej Zielinski

Contact 24, tvnmeteo.pl, PAP

Main photo source: Contact 24

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