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Tatras. Mountain cleaning action, Rafał Sonik talks about the “Clean Tatras” activities

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Volunteers went to the Tatra Mountains on Saturday to collect garbage from the trails. This is the 12th edition of the “Clean Tatras” campaign, organized by the rally driver and entrepreneur Bogusław Sonik.

As Rafał Sonik emphasizes in an interview with TVN24, for 12 editions “Clean Tatras” the proportions change. – There are more and more people and less and less garbage. More and more clean mountains and less and less bags. And that was our goal,” he says.

As he says, the dream of the organizers has never been to bring as much garbage as possible from the mountains. – Our dream was to bring them as little as possible, because it means that you go to the mountains for pleasure, the joy of communing with nature, to show an example to children – emphasizes Sonik.

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Great cleaning of the Tatra MountainsTVN24

More tourists, less garbage

The TVN24 interlocutor said that according to the data of the Tatra National Park, the number of tourists in the Tatras has doubled in recent years – from 2.5 million to five million. – This means that our joint success in rebuilding awareness is even greater, because if the number of tourists has doubled and the amount of garbage has decreased eight times, the result is brilliant, wonderful – explains the organizer of the “Clean Tatras” campaign.

As Sonik adds, the next goal is even more ambitious – to make “people understand that littering anywhere in nature is the same embarrassment and harm to ourselves”.

Great cleaning of the Tatra MountainsTVN24

“Together we move mountains” campaignTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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