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Tatras, Rysy. A series of accidents. Five people with serious injuries

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The conditions high in the mountains are still winter. The tourists who went to Rysy on Saturday found out about it. In the case of five of them, this resulted in serious injuries and the need to undertake three rescue expeditions with the participation of 30 rescuers of the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service. One of the actions ended at night.

As Mieczysław Ziach, a rescuer of the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service, said in an interview with TVN24, despite the unfavorable weather, “tourists set out on very difficult trails”. They suffered serious injuries from slips and falls.

The first request for help reached the TOPR headquarters before noon. A woman slipped in the snow and fell in the area of ​​the Great Beef Couloir. As the rescuer said, “she suffered general bruises”.

“Another report of two falls came in”

During the expedition, information appeared about two more injured people. – Another report came about two falls from a great height in the same place – said Ziach. After returning to Morskie Oko, the rescuers received another report about two people who fell in a similar location. Ziach reported that one of them broke her leg and suffered a head injury.

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The last tourists from the accident area were transported to the shelter at Morskie Oko before midnight.

Due to the low ceiling of clouds and fog, which significantly reduced visibility, a helicopter could not be used for rescue operations. Therefore, the rescuers had to reach the Rysy area on foot, and then carry the injured people on stretchers. – In such conditions, these classic expeditions last for hours – explained the rescuer.

The last action ended before midnightTVN24

The injured were brought in on stretchersTVN24

There is snow in the high parts of the Tatras

As we read in the communication of the Tatra National Park, “in the higher parts TatrasThere is still snow in many places. This is especially true of the High Tatras. In the morning and in places generally shaded, it can be hard and frosty, while at noon it gets wet and muddy. Moving around in such conditions requires experience in winter mountain tourism and having the right equipment – crampons (not crampons!), ice ax, helmet – along with the ability to use it.

“Especial care should be taken in places with snow, because it is very slippery, and slipping in steep terrain may result in a dangerous fall. An additional difficulty is the low cloud ceiling, which limits visibility, which can lead to getting lost” – it was written.

TPN informed in a message that “due to rainfall, the forest sections of the trails are wet with mud and puddles, and the water level in streams and lakes is elevated – on the trails surrounding the lakes (Morskie Oko, Czarny Staw) there may be water. it’s slippery.”

Main photo source: TVN24

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