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Tatras. Ski touring skier fell off the ridge, TOPR night rescue operation in Czerwony Wierce

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Unusual finale of the rescue operation in the Tatra Mountains. When TOPR rescuers were looking for a skier who did not go down to the car park with his friend, he appeared in their duty station. He was led by one of the cavers from Slovakia who came across a man in need of help.

Nine tourists needed the help of the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service last weekend. Most accidents in the mountains took place on Saturday.

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Evacuation of a skier with cardiac ailments from the area of ​​Kocioł GąsienicoweM. Strączek Helios, TOPR

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According to the rescuers, most accidents ended with injuries to the limbs. On that day, rescuers, using a helicopter, transported ski touring skiers from the Roztoka Valley and the Chochołowska Valley, as well as a skier with cardiac ailments from Kotło Gąsienicowe, to the hospital.

Evacuation of a ski touring skier with a leg injury from the Roztoki ValleyK. Kluś, TOPR

The skier returned to the parking lot, his friend stayed in the mountains

Another ski touring skier who was missing in the area of ​​Czerwony Wierchy also needed help. A friend of the skier, who had already managed to go down to the car park, concerned about the long absence of a colleague left behind, informed the TOPR rescuers about the case.

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The rescuer on duty received a report after 6 pm. “It showed that two skiers were hiking together along the Czerwony Grzbiet, and their last contact was in the vicinity of the Małołącka Pass” – we read in the TOPR communiqué. The search has begun. A total of 11 rescuers set off towards Czerwony Wierchy.

Night trip to Czerwony WierchyV. Zilka, TOPR

Cavers from Slovakia helped

It turned out that the skier in need of help found himself without the participation of rescuers. The man appeared at the cable car station on Kasprowy Wierch in the company of a speleologist from Slovakia. “It turned out that the Pole, after climbing the ridge, fell into the Cicha Valley, where he was found by Slovak cavers in the area and led to Kasprowy Wierch” – the rescuers informed.

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The expedition of TOPR-men ended around 3 am.

Night trip to Czerwony WierchyV. Zilka, TOPR

The beginning of spring in the Tatra Mountains, difficult conditions

In the Tatra Mountains there is a second degree of avalanche danger. Danger for tourists in the Tatra Mountains rising temperature increases. “Spring conditions! The risk will increase with the increase in temperature during the day! Wet snow sliding down the old (skid) layer in sunny sectors will continue to be a problem! In shaded places (depressions and places under steep walls) you should expect slight of blown snow deposits!!!” – warn TOPR rescuers in the commentary to the avalanche message.

At the same time, TOPR people point out that in the higher parts of the Tatra Mountains it is necessary to have crampons, an ice ax and a helmet. It is also necessary to know how to use this equipment correctly.

What does an avalanche “two” mean? “The snow cover is generally well bound, but on some steep slopes it is moderately bound. Avalanche triggering is usually possible with a large additional load, especially on steep slopes indicated in the avalanche report. Spontaneous descent of very large avalanches is unlikely” – informs TOPR.

On the lifeguards website we also read that the tourist conditions are partly unfavorable. “Moving around requires the ability to assess the local avalanche risk, choose the right route and maintain elementary safety measures on all steep slopes” – explain TOPR.

Main photo source: V. Zilka, TOPR

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