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Tatras. The beaver from Morskie Oko survived the winter

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The forester of the Tatra National Park, Grzegorz Bryniarski, reported that the beaver that settled at Morskie Oko survived the Tatra winter. The rodent was seen in the area of ​​Dwoista Siklawa under the peak of Mnicha.

The first information about the beaver that settled in the Tatras comes from August 2021. They turned out to be quite a natural sensation at the time. Since then, TPN employees have been following the fate of the animal.

Initially, naturalists assumed that the animal would not survive the winter. Last year in May, a forester from Morskie Oko announced that a beaver had died falling from the Szpiglasowa Przełęcz. Later, it turned out that the beaver is still active in the famous Tatra lake, which confirmed that there were more of them in the area.

The Tatra beaver survived the winter

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– Beaver survived the second winter in Morskie Oko and is doing well. His activity can be seen on the ice, where a hole is pierced and branches dragged into this area. His activity is also evidenced by numerous tracks in the snow – he trampled a sidewalk in the snow and cut down willows. His lodge is located in the vicinity of Dwoista Siklawa just below Mnich and at the so-called Peninsula of Love – there he has a second nest, where he comes out from under the water and feeds – said the forester Bryniarski.

The Tatra Mountains are a foreign environment for beavers. Most likely, they came to Morskie Oko along Rybi Potok. First, in 2015, beaver lodges were observed near Łysa Polana, where the trail to Morskie Oko begins. Later, traces of their presence were observed, among others, in the Roztoki Valley.

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