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Tatras. Winter does not let go, TOPR about further rescue operations. Difficult tourist conditions

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A busy weekend for the rescuers of the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service. TOPR team helped eight tourists on Saturday until 18.30. With the help of a helicopter, they evacuated, among others, a man who – despite having winter equipment – got stuck on Orla Perć.

According to the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service, on Saturday, only until 6.30 p.m., rescuers helped eight tourists in the Tatra Mountains.

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A tourist got stuck on Orla Perć

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In rescue operations, TOPR people used a helicopter, with the help of which they evacuated tourists. This was the case of a man who called the headquarters of the Tatra ambulance with information that he was stuck on Orla Perć on the top of Kozie Czuba. As we read in the rescuers’ message, “despite having standard winter equipment, he could not cope with the hardships of the trip”. He was brought in by helicopter.

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A place on Orla Perć, from where a tourist was evacuated by helicopterG. Kubicki/ TOPR

“A ski touring skier who broke his leg in the Miedziany massif also needed help. After supplies, he was transported by helicopter to a hospital in Zakopane” – reported TOPR.

At 6 p.m., rescuers flew a helicopter to the Dziurawa Przełęcz area, where two tourists were waiting for evacuation.

Ski touring skier evacuation.Z. Gruszka / TOPR

Spring conditions in the Tatras. Still lots of snow

As we read in the TOPR communiqué, “typical spring conditions” prevail in the Tatra Mountains. This means that there is a lot of snow in the higher parts, which is very hard after night frosts. “Walking skills in crampons and with an ice ax in such conditions should be at a high level” – inform the rescuers.

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Mountain rescuers also point out that in the afternoon on the slopes – especially the sunny ones – the snow gets wet and the avalanche risk increases. “Please take this into account when planning trips to the higher parts of the Tatra Mountains” – representatives of the Tatra emergency service warn.

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There is a second degree of avalanche danger in the Tatras and it will probably continue on Monday. “Partially unfavorable conditions. Moving requires the ability to assess the local avalanche risk, choose the right route and maintain elementary safety measures on all steep slopes, especially on those indicated in the avalanche report as unfavorable in terms of exposure or height” – we read in the TOPR release.

In turn, employees of the Tatra National Park point out that the Tatra ponds are thawing. “The ice is thin and can break easily. Please do not step on the ice sheet” – emphasizes the TPN in its tourist announcement.

Main photo source: Z. Gruszka / TOPR

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