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Tauron. 910 MW power unit at the Jaworzno Power Plant to be repaired

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Tauron announced the need to repair the 910 MW power unit at the Jaworzno Power Plant. Repair work is to be completed by February 25, 2022. The issue of financing and scope is to be resolved by mediation between Tauron Polska Energia and Rafako with the participation of the General Prosecutor’s Office – indicated in the announcement.

The company Tauron informed that during the current shutdown of the block, “the need to repair essential parts of the boiler” was diagnosed. “Together with the general contractor of the block, we immediately began to estimate the scope of the necessary works, technologies and translate them into a specific schedule. The aim of the work is to permanently remove defects in the area of ​​the block’s combustion chamber, which will ensure failure-free operation of the block in the perspective of many years” – said in the announcement, Sebastian Gola, president of the Nowe Jaworzno company, belonging to the Tauron Group.

As indicated, repair works will be carried out in the area of ​​the furnace chamber and – as Tauron added – “will lead to a permanent improvement of the unit’s operation and will ensure failure-free operation of the unit in the long term”.


Tauron – one of the largest investments

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The unit at Jaworzno Power Plant commissioned in mid-November 2020 is one of the largest investments in the country and the largest project implemented by Tauron in recent years, worth over PLN 6 billion. The repair of the block is to solve the problems that appeared in the first phase of its operation.

The president of Nowe Jaworzno indicated that “the block in Jaworzno is a complex, modern and technologically advanced unit, which for many years will be an important element of ensuring Poland’s energy security”. Energy from this place is to supply approximately 2.5 million recipients from southern Poland. “The schedule of repair works prepared together with Rafako will enable efficient and long-term solution to the problems diagnosed in the first phase of the unit’s operation,” added Gola.

The president of Rafako, Radosław Domagalski-Łabędzki, quoted in the same announcement, pointed out that this time will also be used for “optimization works that will ensure even more efficient operation of this block, which is extremely important for the energy system in our country, in the future”.

Mediations between Tauron and Rafako regarding financing and the scope of remedial works are conducted with the participation of the General Prosecutor’s Office.

Jaworzno Power Plant

A 910 MW unit at the Jaworzno Power Plant was put into use in mid-November 2020. Previously, the company belonging to the Tauron Group concluded a settlement with Rafako, regulating mutual settlements related to the construction of the unit.

Originally, it was assumed that the unit would be put into operation in February 2020, the deadline was postponed to July, and then to mid-November. The previous deadline was not met because in the last phase of testing there was a failure – damage to one of the boiler components.

The block, operating at full capacity, can produce about 6.5 terawatt hours of electricity annually, using up to 2.5 million tons of coal. Compared to the decommissioned 120 MW units, the efficiency of the new unit is significantly higher, and the emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are lower by more than 80%, while CO2 emissions are lower by over 30%.

PAP / Maciej Zieliński

Main photo source: tauron.pl

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