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Tauron and Rafako – a dispute over a block in Jaworzno. The companies are to return to talks

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Tauron and Rafako are to return to talks in the dispute over the power unit in Jaworzno, PAP reported. Monday’s mediation meeting ended unsuccessfully. The companies agree on the date of further negotiations.

“The Rafako Group has approached Tauron Wytwarzanie (a company from the Tauron Group that brings together power plants) with a proposal to resume negotiations. The parties agree on a convenient date for conducting them. Representatives of Tauron Wytwarzanie have given their preliminary consent to resume talks,” Tauron informed the Polish Press Agency.

Tauron and Rafako are to return to talks

– We are counting on serious talks aimed at amicable resolution of disputed issues. The condition for their success is Rafako’s withdrawal from the idea of ​​unjustified claims, extending the warranty and presenting a realistic schedule for removing the identified defects and faults, said Trajan Szuladziński, President of Tauron Wytwarzanie.

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Rafako was the contractor of a new 910 megawatt Tauron power unit in Jaworzno worth over PLN 6 billion. The companies have been arguing for many months over problems in the operation of this unit. A week ago, Tauron called Rafako to pay over PLN 1.3 billion in contractual penalties and damages. Rafako completely disputes Tauron’s demands, announcing that it intends to file for bankruptcy. Last Friday, Rafako filed claims with Tauron for the total amount of PLN 857.6 million. Tauron considered these claims unjustified.

On Monday, the parties met as part of mediation conducted before the Arbitration Court at the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Poland. After the meeting, Tauron announced that Rafako had terminated the mediation. At the same time, the energy company declared its openness to further negotiations. In turn, Rafako stated that mediation had not been terminated, announcing “the submission of a last-ditch proposal”. Now the parties are to return to talks.

In the event of failure of negotiations, Tauron – as the company informed – “is preparing a package of solutions to support employees, subcontractors and the local government in Racibórz against the effects of Rafako’s problems”.

Representatives of the energy company reminded that the commissioning of the block in Jaworzno was delayed by 20 months, and the parties concluded 15 annexes enabling the completion of this investment, without using the possibility of using legal tools.

– We decided to undertake them only when Rafako did not remove the identified defects and faults of the unit, and moreover, did not even present a real plan to remove them, or a feasible concept for ending the transition period. Most importantly, we have also not received confirmation that the unit meets the technical contract parameters – said President Szuladziński, quoted in Tauron’s communiqué.

Dispute over block in Jaworzno

The energy company accuses Rafako of design errors regarding, among others, key technological systems: mill units, pyrite removal system, deslagger, slag transport installation and combustion chamber. In turn, Rafako had previously informed that the cause of problems in the operation of the unit was coal of inadequate quality, inconsistent with the parameters resulting from the contract.

910 MW unit at the Jaworzno Power Planttauron.pl

Currently – according to Tauron’s information – the unit is working stably; since September, it has produced over 1,635,000 megawatt hours of energy. In December, in a difficult period for the National Power System, the unit was 100% at the disposal of the system operator; it was also then that the monthly production record was broken – the unit generated over 455,000. megawatt hours of energy. There are over 189,000 in the landfill next to the block. tons of coal, of which over 80% is comes from the Sobieski mine in Jaworzno, according to Tauron.

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Main photo source: media.tauron.pl

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