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Tauron – failure. Customers have seen other people’s data

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On Kontakt 24 we received signals about problems in the functioning of the My Tauron website. After logging into the account, customers saw the data of other people using the services of this energy company. “Immediately after identifying this problem, we turned off the website in the version available on computers,” Elżbieta Bukowiec, spokeswoman for Tauron Sprzedaż told TVN24 Biznes.

Tauron’s customers have seen other people’s data

In the afternoon, Tauron’s customers informed about an unusual error on the company’s website. “After logging in to My Tauron (system for managing electricity contracts in Tauron), I saw the data of completely strangers from foreign locations. After clicking on the contract details, I can see the data of people, telephone number, contract number, payer number, e-mail address, I can also make changes to this data, see the balance, unpaid invoices. After refreshing, the data of other people are loaded (original spelling – ed.) “- Piotr wrote on Kontakt 24.

He added that he called the company’s hotline. “They know there is a problem, but the consultants are unable to answer the question of what actions have been taken,” he said.

In turn, Ms Beata wrote that “after logging in to My Tauron, we see the data of other customers, not our own! After logging in again, I see someone else again – unacceptable lack of security of our data”.

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“Technical problems” in Tauron

We asked the company about this. Shortly after 7.00 p.m., the spokeswoman for Tauron Sprzedaż, Elżbieta Bukowiec, replied.

“As a result of technical problems on the My Tauron website, some customers who logged in to the website from computers could have access to the data of other clients. I emphasize that on the My Tauron website we do not use the client’s full PESEL number or ID number. thus there is no risk of incurring financial liabilities “- noted Bukowiec.

“The technical defect will be removed soon. We emphasize that customer data stored on Tauron’s servicing servers is safe” – added the spokeswoman.

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