Tax refund scam. Fake emails from the National Revenue Administration and the Ministry of Finance


The CERT Polska team issued an announcement regarding a new threat in the network. Criminals impersonate the National Revenue Administration and the Ministry of Finance by sending messages purporting to approve tax refunds. This is how they want to steal our data.

The CERT Polska team warns against e-mails allegedly sent by the National Revenue Administration (KAS) and Ministry of Finance. In the e-mails that reach the mailboxes of Poles, there is information about “alleged approval tax refund“.

It is worth noting that the e-mails provided by CERT, for example, look very credible. There are no language errors in them, fake websites look deceptively similar to real ones. A person unfamiliar with the regulations or the procedures of these institutions could be fooled and click on links contained in e-mails.

Scammers want to extort banking details

However, this is a scam. A form of “phishing”, i.e. extortion of personal data by impersonating a well-known person, institution or office. Scammers want to get our online banking access data in this way.

Under no circumstances should you open e-mails allegedly from the Ministry of Finance or the Treasury and do not click on links that may appear in them. If we have doubts about the received message, we should call the office/institution from which it is supposed to come.

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