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Taxes – CIT. Which companies paid the biggest taxes? Summary of the Ministry of Finance

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According to the data of the Ministry of Finance, the largest corporate income tax (CIT) was paid last year by the Polish Oil and Gas Mining Group – as much as PLN 2.2 billion. PKO BP is in second place with PLN 1.3 billion in tax.

The Ministry of Finance published on Thursday a list of large CIT taxpayers for the previous year. The data concern statements of individual companies with revenues exceeding EUR 50 million and taxpayers who are tax capital groups (PGK). The summary concerns CIT tax returns for 2020.

Who paid the biggest taxes?

Among the tax capital groups, the largest CIT in 2020 was paid by the PGNiG Group. It amounted to almost PLN 2.2 billion with revenues amounting to PLN 45.8 billion. The second place in terms of taxes paid was taken by the Tax Capital Group of Powszechna Kasa Oszczędności Bank Polski SA, which paid PLN 1.3 billion with revenues amounting to PLN 34.5 billion.

In third place out of 777.2 million CIT paid, there was the Tax Capital Group PGK PGE 2015 with revenues of PLN 80.1 billion. The fourth place among the groups was taken by KHGM with paid CIT in the amount of PLN 770 million and revenues of PLN 35.9 billion. The top five is closed by the PZU Capital Group with a paid CIT in the amount of PLN 638.4 million with revenues of PLN 26.9 billion.

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In turn, from the group of individual taxpayers, the largest CIT paid last year by ING Bank Śląski in the amount of PLN 998.5 million. The second place was taken by Bank Polska Kasa Opieki SA – PLN 972.8 million, and the third – with the amount of PLN 774.8 million of CIT paid – Santander Bank Polska SA. The owner of the Biedronka chain of stores, Jeronimo Martins Polska SA (PLN 689.7 million) came fourth, and Bank Millennium with PLN 317.7 million of CIT paid on the fifth.


Tadeusz Kościński: Thanks to taxes, Poland is changing

As emphasized by Tadeusz Kościński, Minister of Finance, Funds and Regional Policy, quoted in the Ministry’s information, CIT, PIT and VAT are the three pillars of revenues to the state budget, three sources of financing public services provided to the public. – I appreciate those who are fair and pay their taxes fairly, without resorting to any accounting tricks. It is thanks to taxes that Poland is changing and the government can implement many pro-social and family-friendly projects. We see these changes every day, even by using better and better roads, more modern railway infrastructure or a greater sense of security – added the head of the Ministry of Finance.

Kościński, addressing CIT taxpayers, emphasized that their money “undoubtedly has a huge impact on the development of our country, it drives it”. – Observing the CIT revenues from year to year, it can be seen that the Polish economy is doing quite well despite the pandemic and has already returned to the path of rapid growth – he concluded.


The Ministry of Finance, in accordance with the Corporate Income Tax Act, has been obliged to publish individual data from taxpayers of corporate income tax whose income in the tax year exceeded the equivalent of EUR 50 million, and taxpayers of this tax that are tax groups capital.

The obligation applies to data contained in tax returns for the tax year ending in the calendar year preceding the year in which the publication takes place and should be completed by September 30 of each year.

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