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Taxes – health contribution changes. Wojciech Warski comments

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The Polish Order is a collection of ideas on how to please the society before the next elections – said Wojciech Warski, entrepreneur and expert of Team Europe in TVN24’s “Get up and know”. As he said, the announced changes in the proposal regarding the health insurance premium did not reassure entrepreneurs. – The fact that they were promised not to be skinned piece by piece, but to be skinned a little less, but in one move absolutely does not change the mood – Warski emphasized.

The Polish Order is a new socio-economic program for the post-pandemic period, endorsed by the parties forming the United Right. At the end of July, the Ministry of Finance published a draft tax act that is part of the Polish Deal. The consultation ended last week.


Health premium – changes

“Rzeczpospolita” announced on Monday that the government decided to amend the proposal regarding the health insurance contribution. According to the new idea, entrepreneurs are to pay 4.8 percent of their income in the next year, not the 9 percent originally proposed.

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Wojciech Warski, an entrepreneur and an expert of Team Europe, when asked about this change, pointed out that self-employed or small entrepreneurs who pay flat tax do not breathe a sigh of relief. “The fact that they were promised not to be skinned piece by piece, but to skin a little less, but it absolutely doesn’t change the mood in one move,” he commented.

He added that “the whole philosophy of eliminating the de facto flat tax contained in the Polish Lada remained”. As he explained, “people using a flat tax cannot take advantage of benefits or the exempt amount, and the tax threshold increase does not apply to them”.

– The de facto flat tax in Poland at the moment for most entrepreneurs and people behaving like entrepreneurs who want to earn some extra money, will be abolished – explained Warski.

Polish Order – Taxes

Wojciech Warski pointed out that there are 1.8 million people who run a business in Poland. – Most of them are so-called sole proprietorships, which often use the so-called flat rate tax, while about 700,000 are people employing other workers, i.e. those who are the most valuable from the economic point of view – he pointed out. – These 700,000 people who constitute a kind of economic engine will clearly lose – pointed out Wojciech Warski.

According to the entrepreneur, tax changes from the Polish Order could gain support, but there are two conditions. – Firstly, these health contributions would actually be related to the increase in medical services or the second – perhaps even more important argument – that if it were part of some comprehensive reform of the tax system (…), then probably everyone would say: ok, there is hard, popandemic time, you have to rebuild the economy, you have to rebuild social resources, everyone has to throw their hands on it.

But – as Warski noted – “there is no such reform, the Polish Order is by no means such a reform, it is a collection of various ideas, sometimes even beneficial, good, but they do not create any common idea”. – This is a collection of ideas how to please the society before the next elections – he assessed.

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