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Taxes kill entrepreneurs. “The human master got us a little bit, milked the cattle and over-milked”

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There are places in Poland, such as Poznań, where unemployment is only 1 percent, but there are places where it exceeds 10 percent. There, the existence of every company is of great value.

Człuchów has less than 15,000 inhabitants. Unemployment in the county is still close to 10 percent. More jobs are disappearing. One of the entrepreneurs closes a medium-sized market. It very vividly shows to whom he and the inhabitants owe it. – The human master came a little bit, milked the cattle and overmilked the cattle, and the cattle starts to rain, it just starts to rain. We cannot withstand the burdens we have received from the state, we cannot withstand the burdens we receive from the Social Insurance Institution, the tax office – says Arkadiusz Gogolewski, owner of the F1 Dom i Ogrod stores.

It is so in many places. Everywhere you can hear opinions about the growing levies, taxes, about rapidly growing social and health insurance premiums. In one of the stores in Biała Podlaska – if the employees agree – there will be fewer jobs. If not, there will be layoffs. All because of the increase in the minimum wage. – On the one hand, this is good, because people would like to earn more, but the administrative increase in the minimum wage causes a drastic increase in labor costs, which is associated with a reduction in employment – explains Bogusław Broniewicz, head of the Maronex furniture company in Biała Podlaska.

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Appeals to the rulers

Increasing the minimum wage means wage increases for everyone – if we do not want everyone to earn the same. This – as we hear from employers – can be dangerous for the company. – The minimum wage is an important and respected thing, but excessive increases in the minimum wage cause that statistically the percentage of people earning the minimum wage increases, therefore the motivation decreases – explains Rafał Dutkiewicz, President of Employers of Poland.

There is no motivation, there are higher premiums for it. Influence in many places is not growing. Poles save money, and coffee and cake in the city are becoming a luxury good. That’s why politicians are asking. – To control the galloping taxes, which appear practically notoriously under various strange names – explains Grażyna Milewska, “Zachodnia Kawiarnia & Bistro” in Bialystok. “Tax” sounds wrong, so we have contributions, tributes, fees – which are almost the same as taxes. They are mandatory and getting higher. Indirectly, the customer pays for everything anyway – if he comes.

– We’re in a recession. The so-called technical recession. (…) This is a consumer recession. That is, consumption is falling. We Poles, tired of inflation, are limiting our expenses – says Professor Aneta Zelek, an economist from the West Pomeranian Business School in Szczecin. The state’s appetite for entrepreneurs’ money is growing. Companies are already either reducing their operations or even closing them.

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