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Taxes – Polish Order. Research: most Poles do not believe that changes in taxes will be beneficial for them

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More than a half, i.e. 54 percent of the surveyed Poles do not believe that the new tax regulations under the Polish Deal will be beneficial for them. This is the result of the United Surveys poll for RMF FM and “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. The respondents like the idea of ​​increasing the tax-free amount the most, while the idea of ​​abolishing tax deduction for health insurance is much less popular.

The survey was conducted on July 30 on a group of 1000 people using the CATI telephone method.

Polish Order – changes in taxes

“Do you believe that the tax solutions included in the Polish Lada will be beneficial for you?” – this was the first question that participants of the study asked for RMF FM and “DGP”. The answer “definitely yes” was chosen by 7.5 percent. respondents, and “rather yes” – 28.7 percent An unambiguously negative assessment of the government’s proposals was expressed by 22 percent. of respondents, and the option “rather not” was chosen by 32.8 percent. Nine percent of survey participants do not have a clear position on this matter.


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The poll shows that the most enthusiasts of the tax revolution that is to appear in the Polish Lada are among PiS voters – 81 percent. The government program is also positively assessed by 46 percent. the electorate of the Confederation and 40 percent. people who voted for PSL and Kukiz’15. Critically, the proposals from the Polish Deal are assessed by 85 percent. voters of the Left and the same number of KO supporters.

The Polish Order did not impress the youngest – 89% in the group of people aged 18-29. of respondents evaluate it critically. In the case of respondents from the 40-49 age group, negative responses constitute 84%. The Polish Order is assessed as good by 55 percent. people aged 60 to 69 and 58 percent. people who are 70 and older.

The study shows that the inhabitants of large cities, people with higher education and those who run their own businesses do not like the Polish Deal – each of these groups has over 70 percent of its opponents. It is similar among the richest and supporters of the opposition.

Tax changes – study

People participating in the survey were also asked which tax proposals contained in the Polish Lada should enter into force.

For increasing the tax-free amount to PLN 30,000 PLN is 72.7 percent. subjects. Increasing the tax threshold from 85,000 PLN up to 120 thousand. PLN wants 63.7 percent. respondents. The idea of ​​abolishing the tax deduction of health insurance contributions among survey participants (35.2%) is much less popular.

The change in the rules of paying health insurance contributions by entrepreneurs proposed in the Polish Lada gained the support of 37.7 percent. respondents.

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