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Taxes. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki boasts of profits from sealing the VAT. “100 billion zlotys more”

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By closing the VAT gap, we improved the possibilities of the state’s social and investment policy, stressed Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Wednesday. He pointed out that the efficient functioning of the state translates into business opportunities, better infrastructure and the entire economy. He argued that thanks to the sealing of VAT, the revenues from this tax increased by PLN 100 billion.

Thanks to the sealing of VAT, in 5-6 years, revenues from VAT increased from PLN 123 billion to approx. PLN 213 billion, by about PLN 100 billion more – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki argued on Wednesday during his speech at the conference “Fair VAT, profit for all” in Warsaw.

Mateusz Morawiecki on sealing the VAT gap: the effects are in the budget

The “Fair VAT, profit for all” conference was organized by the Warsaw Enterprise Institute and the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers.

In the speech opening the discussion, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki assured that in recent years the government has done a lot to limit the activities of VAT mafias and VAT carousels. He emphasized that the effects of these activities can be seen in the expenditure from the state budget. – They are in the budget, in our social policy, in many times greater expenditure on roads and railways – he stressed.

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Morawiecki pointed out that in 2015 revenues from VAT amounted to PLN 123 billion, but then in 2016 the government began to implement procedures and the entire system, including the National Tax Administration, which were to prevent VAT fraud. – Today, control is about 50 percent. less than it was before, and they are about 65 percent. more effective – he said.

The Prime Minister added that 5-6 years after the application of sealing mechanisms limiting the activity of VAT offenders, the current budget revenues are approx. PLN 100 billion higher than in 2015.

– After 5-6 years it will be (this – ed.) Over PLN 210 billion. That is, from PLN 123 billion to approximately PLN 213 billion, PLN 100 billion more. This is a revolution, it is the real cause of this economic microcud – said Morawiecki.


Prime Minister: state aid made possible by sealing taxes

He assessed that closing the VAT gap improved the possibilities of the social and investment policy of the state, because the efficiency of the state’s functioning translates into the possibilities of entrepreneurs, better infrastructure and the entire economy.

– Although in recent weeks we have argued about the amount of the health insurance contribution, I am glad that we broadcast on one wavelength on the subject of fair VAT and fair payment of taxes – said Morawiecki, addressing entrepreneurs. He added that it was a measure of the state’s maturity. He gave the example of the Scandinavian countries, Great Britain, Germany and France, where – as he claimed – there is a good mutual understanding of interests between state institutions and entrepreneurs. Meanwhile – as he said – in the times of the Third Polish Republic there was hostility between the state apparatus and entrepreneurs, and the state was then the “night watchman”.

– It is not in the interest of citizens, honest entrepreneurs, and 99.9 percent are such. Therefore, this shameful practice, this carelessness has been locked in a key drawer. Let us not let it come back because it is not given once and for all. The fact that we were able to save you with the amount of over PLN 200 billion was possible thanks to the tightening of taxes, in the first place, VAT – emphasized the head of government.

He noted that during the rule of the PO-PSL government, the national road and motorway construction program in 70 percent. was financed from EU funds, and in 30 percent. domestic. – Today we have a program worth PLN 300 billion, three times greater than the one with which our predecessors left us, and 80 percent. these are national funds, from the Polish state budget, including VAT – said Morawiecki.

– The best way to see is how the efficiency of the functioning of state institutions translates into the possibilities of entrepreneurs, better infrastructure: communal, poviat, highways, railway lines, social infrastructure, hospitals, schools, social institutions, and also how it translates into the entire shape of the economy, greater opportunities export and investment – assessed the Prime Minister.

“We want a strong Polish economy”

According to the head of government, the efficiency of state institutions is in the interest of everyone, including entrepreneurs, and vice versa: everyone loses out on inefficient institutions, and the economy is not developing as it should.

– Together, we want a strong Polish economy that will provide entrepreneurs with the necessary fuel for rapid growth, innovation, transformation, export, and capital expansion. (…) We want a strong, efficient state to stand behind Polish enterprises, he said, stressing that it cares for the interests of Polish companies, and at the same time the efficiency of fiscal institutions, which is essential for the principles of equal competition.

Main photo source: PAP / Marcin Obara

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