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Taylor Swift received a royal welcome in the capital of Great Britain. “This is a Taylor cult, total madness”

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The American star's world tour is halfway through. London welcomed Taylor Swift royally. The artist's hits were heard in front of Buckingham Palace. In total, up to 700,000 fans are expected to attend the three London concerts. Taylor Swift will appear in Poland on August 1 and will also perform three times.

A truly royal welcome to the American star in the British Isles. In front of Buckingham Palace, the orchestra played the hit of Taylor Swift, who had just reached the capital of Great Britain at the halfway point of her world tour.

Friday's concert, the first of three at Wembley, charmed the audience. – There is a great atmosphere in London, even when I was traveling on the subway people were wishing them to have a good time and it was obvious that everyone was so nice to each other. I guess that's the point – describes Ellie Downing, one of Taylor Swift's fans. – We have bracelets that we made over several nights. It's a great experience to be able to do something together, says Caroline Lewis, a fan of the singer.

For all “swifties” – as the singer's fans are called – the London Underground has prepared a shiny, glittery map with new names of stops – the titles of the artist's songs. – I love her older songs, I hope she sings the song “I'm 22”. I can't wait, says Joseph Dyke, one of Taylor Swift's fans.

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Taylor Swift

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The most profitable tour in history

The mayor of London himself, in honor of the artist, unveiled a mural depicting a portrait of Taylor with her characteristic blue eyes and red lips.

The Wembley performances could help the Pennsylvania multi-instrumentalist set the record for the highest-grossing concert tour of all time. To date, Swift has generated nearly $850 million in revenue from more than three million ticket sales.

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No one dazzles on stage like she does. And no one attracts so many fans. – I can't wait to see this show. “I think it's going to be just amazing,” says Taylor Swift fan Lisa Boonstra. – She has completely dominated the music industry, I have been listening to her music since I was a child, so attending a concert today seems so unreal – adds Charlie Bowdler, a Taylor Swift enthusiast.

Taylor Swift is literally shaking the earth in Europe

The songs the artist creates dominate the charts. Despite her young age, Swift has been building her empire for a second decade. The 34-year-old earned a fortune from selling her own products and attending concerts. Only in the last year, the American woman became richer by over a billion dollars. All thanks to its most loyal fans.

– People joke that “I belong to a cult”, but I sometimes tell my friends: yes, it's a Taylor cult, total madness, as evidenced by the number of people who show up at her events – says Katie Sum, a Taylor Swift fan.

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Or in places where the artist had previously appeared. This is how the restaurant in London's CamdenTown became famous. – Many times, when Taylor Swift visited her boyfriend in London, she ordered food from our kebab shop. It was common for both of them to order them several days in a row. She really likes it, says Ahmed Khan, owner of CamdenTown.

The winner of 14 Grammy Awards and the title of Person of the Year 2023 awarded by Time magazine will soon appear on the Vistula River. He will perform at the National Stadium three times in early August.

Main photo source: MIGUEL A. LOPES/PAP/EPA

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