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Teacher of the Year 2023 selected. Radosław Potrac teaches history, but is also a volunteer

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He teaches history, is a therapist, and is an educator. Although he has many passions, students are always in the foreground. For all this, Radosław Potrac received the title of Teacher of the Year 2023.

Everyone who visits the Warsaw Insurgents’ House must know Mr. Radosław Potrac. – It is with great pride and joy that I serve as a volunteer, which means I can accompany the insurgents at various moments in their lives – says the man who was honored with the title of Teacher of the Year 2023.

A few years earlier, the teacher was one of the people who created the Warsaw Insurgents’ House. – Everyone cleaned the place so that it could welcome its owners and hosts with dignity – he recalls. Mr. Radosław not only helped in the construction of the facility. – He accompanies us during our stay and takes part in our conversations. And if someone has any needs, they serve with their person and with their arms – says prof. Leszek Żukowski, participant of the Warsaw Uprising.

However, Mr. Radosław does much more, because he is also a social activist, therapist, educator and teacher of history and family life education. – All this fits together very nicely around the main area of ​​my work, i.e. children and youth, including those with disabilities – emphasizes Mr. Radosław.

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A unique reward

What Mr. Radosław is doing has been noticed. He won the title of Teacher of the Year 2023. – I try to harness my ideas, my passions, childhood dreams, my favorite readings into what I do – reveals Mr. Radosław.

Mr. Radosław went with his students, including those with disabilities, to conquer the caves. He sometimes gives lessons in a hammock outdoors. He also invites insurgents to classes. – An example for young people that instead of kicking a ball, they come to old people and help. I believe this is a model of scout activity, says Żukowski.

The competition winner says that school should be an open place, because in his opinion it is the world in a nutshell. – A place open to NGOs, neighbors and libraries. A place that will be created by students, parents and teachers – says the teacher.

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