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Technical inspection of the vehicle. Vehicle inspection stations demand an increase in fees for technical inspections – there is an appeal to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

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Vehicle inspection stations appeal to the prime minister to raise fees for technical inspections. The fees were set over 18 years ago and have not been changed even by PLN 1 to this day – emphasized the Association of Vehicle Inspection Station Employers. As indicated, vehicle inspection stations pay an additional PLN 5.15 for each technical inspection of a passenger car. “So it is a deficit activity” – noted the entrepreneurs. Nearly 100,000 people are affected by the problem. people.

Entrepreneurs and employers of vehicle inspection stations announce another protest. “In the second half of April this year, more business circles plan to manifest their dissatisfaction with the government’s policy, and more precisely with the attitude of the Ministry of Infrastructure. Fees for technical inspections of vehicles, which usually take place once a year, were set over 18 years ago and have not been changed to this day even by PLN 1” – noted the Association of Vehicle Inspection Station Employers.

In the opinion of entrepreneurs in this industry, “a huge increase in operating costs and raging inflation are pushing inspection stations and their owners to the brink of bankruptcy.”

“The government is deaf to any arguments because the election campaign is underway. Usurious fees are destroying Polish entrepreneurs who, in the years of transformation, helped the Polish state to make technical and civilizational progress in the field of technical road safety and join Western countries. Today they are vegetating on the verge of bankruptcy” – we read in the message. As stated, the problem concerns – including the environment accompanying this activity – nearly 100,000 people.

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Appeal to Prime Minister Morawiecki

Entrepreneurs and employers of vehicle inspection stations turned to the prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki“with a kind request and a warm appeal for serious treatment of the problems of Polish vehicle inspection stations, which operate on the verge of bankruptcy and are fighting for survival on the market.”

The appeal noted that although Art. 84a of the Road Traffic Act gives the Minister of Infrastructure the basis for updating fees for checking the technical condition of vehicles based on the costs of their performance, “nothing in this matter has been done by successive governments, including all governments with the participation of Law and Justice, and especially in recent years of high inflation.

Entrepreneurs emphasized that in the last 18 years “the economic reality has changed dramatically, operating costs have increased significantly”. As stated, operating costs (salaries, ZUSenergy media prices, service fees, taxes, technical infrastructure maintenance costs) in the period from October 2004 to December 2022 “increased by over 50.87% and continues to grow”.

“The real value of the fee for technical inspection of a passenger car after deduction VAT (23%), inflation rate 55.60%. (in the period from October 2004 to December 2022 – ed.) and an increase in costs by approximately 50.87 percent. has a negative value of PLN -5.15. This is how much SKP pays for each technical inspection of a passenger car. So it is a deficit activity.

In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Morawiecki, entrepreneurs warn that they may stop performing technical inspections of vehicles. “We are going to announce another protest action, and then we will stop technical inspections of vehicles for which we receive a usurious fee! Maybe then the government will start talking to us seriously and stop treating us like ‘Rexies stamping their stamps …'” – added.

Vehicle inspection costs

The costs of technical examination are: PLN 98 – passenger car, PLN 162 – gas-powered vehicles, PLN 62 – motorcycle, PLN 153 – truck. To this must be added a registration fee of PLN 1, which is charged if the examination is completed with an entry in the registration certificate.

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