TEDi chain withdraws kitchenware from sale


The TEDi retail chain is withdrawing kitchen utensils from the market – informed the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS). He explained that “studies have shown that primary aromatic amines migrate from these products into food.”

“Primary aromatic amines are substances that may pose a threat to human health and should not be present in food,” warned GIS.

Product details:

As the office said in a statement, “the following products that were on sale from July 9, 2021 to June 19, 2024 are subject to withdrawal from the market:

– Alpina kitchen utensils (6 pcs) article number 43255002531000000200; – Alpina Chochla article number 26313002531000000300.

Distributor: TEDi Sieć Handlowa Sp. z o. o., ul. 11 Listopada 11 40-387 Katowice.

Kitchen utensils withdrawn from the markettedi.com

The TEDi chain is withdrawing kitchen utensils from the market

GIS wrote that the distributor in Poland informed that “the article has been withdrawn from sale”.

“In each TEDi store, information is posted on the information board for customers about the dangers that the product may cause and about the possibility of returning the purchased item. Returns are possible without a receipt,” the release said.

It was added that “an announcement about the situation was posted on the company's website.”

“The authorities of the State Sanitary Inspection, in cooperation with the distributor (TEDi), are monitoring the process of withdrawing the questioned product,” the GIS statement said.

It also appealed “not to use the products indicated in the message for contact with food.”

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