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Teenagers in North Korea sentenced to 12 years for watching movies. The verdict was passed at the stadium

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For two 16-year-olds from North Korea, watching South Korean works resulted in 12 years in a penal colony. The harsh verdict was handed down in a show trial, and the film is intended to be a warning to others. According to experts, this proves not only the incredible cruelty of the regime, but also that the dictatorship is afraid that the youngest generation of citizens crave contact with the world.

Kim Jong Un has repeated once again that South Korea is a mortal enemy for the North. You have to prepare for his attack. You have to guard against it.

If someone in North Korea has not yet heard the leader’s message, it may be possible to convey it through a propaganda film. The recording shows how two 16-year-olds were sentenced to 12 years in a penal colony during a public trial at the stadium for watching South Korean films.

– This film was probably made in 2022 and was then shown in all youth organizations. People listened to lectures on this subject. During one of such meetings, our colleague recorded the show with his phone, because mobile phones are becoming more and more popular in North Korea today, says Choi Kyong-hui, head of the South and North Development Institute.

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In the film, in a menacing voice, the narrator warns that teenagers should not have contact with the culture of the rotten, puppet regime in Seoul. – Generation Z and millennials are the biggest problem for Kim Jong Un. The way young people think is different, and that is why Pyongyang wants to force them to get back on track by showing them such films, says Choi Kyong-hui.

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The educational, or rather disciplinary, methods used in Kim Jong Un’s regime are diverse. Society is terrorized, but also constantly subjected to propaganda activities. Everyone, including children, should be ready for an attack from the South. Students’ self-discipline can be trained, for example, by organizing volleyball training in frost and snow.

– This is the first Sports Day this year. The students enjoy it very much and make great efforts to develop their fighting and cooperative spirit. They can learn a lot during such classes, says Ra Un Ju, a physical education teacher. There is a reward for obedience. The most faithful of the faithful will not only applaud the opening of a new poultry farm and see the pieces of meat packed, but perhaps they will receive them as a gift.

Border between Koreas PAP/REUTERS

The number of North Korean defectors has tripled

In North Korea, which has been suffering from terrible hunger for years, food is the most valuable commodity. However, the country closed to the world does not want help. He does not want reconciliation with the wealthy south.

– It is written in the constitution that unification can only take place peacefully and when the North adopts liberal democracy. We cannot accept any other form of unification of our countries. Perhaps the regime in Pyongyang believes it will survive, says Han Duck-soo, Prime Minister of South Korea.

The number of North Korean defectors has tripled in the last year. Although Pyongyang closed its borders even more tightly after the outbreak of the pandemic, 200 people still managed to get to South Korea. Why are they running away? Because, contrary to what the propaganda shows, the Kim regime is not a happy and safe country – it is a terrible dictatorship, starving its people.

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Life expectancy there is a decade shorter than in South Korea. GDP per capita is actually incomparable. In the South, it’s over $32,000. In the north, just $639, according to the latest data from 2021.

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