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Tensions between China and Taiwan. Taiwan Ministry of Defense: China simulated an attack on Taiwan during the maneuvers

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Chinese troops practiced the attack on Taiwan during their maneuvers, the defense ministry in Taipei reported on Saturday. According to the ministry’s release, many Chinese aircraft and warships were operating near Taiwan to simulate an attack on its main island.

Some Chinese units breached the Taiwan Strait’s median line – the unwritten border of maritime control drawn by the geographic center of the strait between Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China, the ministry said on Saturday. The ministry has not disclosed the number of violations so far.

Earlier, also on Friday, it was reported about violation of this border. The Taiwanese defense ministry said it was total 68 military aircraft and 13 ships operated around the strait.

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China and Taiwan – a comparison of the armed forcestvn24.pl

China’s unprecedented military maneuvers

China they have been conducting an unprecedented military exercise in the waters and airspace surrounding Taiwan since Thursday. Some of the maneuvers take place only 20 km from the coast. This is a reaction to the recent visit of the US House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi in Taipei, which Beijing vehemently protested against.

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According to Reuters, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army on Friday launched rockets at the waters surrounding Taiwan, up to four of which could have passed over Taipei. Taiwan’s defense ministry said the missiles were flying high in the atmosphere and were not a threat. However, the ministry did not provide details of the missile trajectory, justifying it with intelligence issues.

A Taiwanese coastguard post near the site where the Chinese army was supposed to be conducting fire exercisesPAP / EPA / RITCHIE B. TONGO

In response to the violations, the Taiwanese side is sending its own combat planes and warships to monitor the situation. Missile defense systems are also included.

Taiwan is separated from China only by the Taiwan Strait

Head of Taiwan’s diplomacy: we want to maintain the status quo

In an interview with the BBC, Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu defended the visit of announcer Pelosi. He said it was “extremely significant” to the country, and that China’s reaction would not stop Taipei authorities from continuing to invite democratic politicians to Taiwan.

“We want to maintain the status quo,” said Joseph Wu, “which means that Taiwan has no jurisdiction over mainland China, and China and the Chinese Communist Party have no jurisdiction over Taiwan.” “This is the reality,” he added.

Only 14 countries maintain official diplomatic relations with Taiwan

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / RITCHIE B. TONGO

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