Teresin near Sochaczew. Illegal slot machines, gambling in a container


Police from Sochaczew have closed down an illegally operating gaming parlor. Officers have seized five slot machines and money that is believed to have come from criminal activity. One person has been charged.

Sochaczew police officers dealing with combating economic crime and corruption have determined that an illegal gambling parlor is operating in the Teresin commune. The findings showed that slot machine games are held in a container placed on one of the properties.

– Last week, officers entered a container with five switched on slot machines. Some of them were played by customers of an illegally operating arcade. The officers secured money probably originating from criminal activity. A 64-year-old woman from Pruszków County was detained in the case – said Asp. Agnieszka Dzik from the County Police Headquarters in Sochaczew.

The suspect faces prison time

The suspect was charged under Article 107 of the Fiscal Penal Code, which states that she is organizing or conducting gambling games in violation of applicable regulations. This crime is punishable by a fine or imprisonment for up to three years, or both. After the procedures were performed, the woman was released home the same day.

– The materials will be forwarded to the National Revenue Administration, which will take further action in this matter – concluded Asp. Dzik

Sochaczew police closed down a gaming arcade in a containerKPP in Sochaczew

Main image source: KPP in Sochaczew

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