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Terlecki assures about “crisis averted”. Pęk, however, speaks about “Mr. President full of anxiety”

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The chairman is also full of concern, because loyalty to the decisions of the party leadership, and in particular to the chairman, is the basis of our joint activities – said Law and Justice senator Marek Pęk, referring to the situation in the Małopolska PiS structures. According to the former head of the club, Ryszard Terlecki, the crisis has been “averted”.

On Thursday, Małopolska councillors made their sixth attempt they elected PiS candidate Łukasz Smółka as the voivodeship marshalpreviously serving as vice-marshal. During previous elections, Łukasz Kmita was the PiS candidate five times, but he did not gain enough support. This happened despite the fact that PiS has a majority in this regional assembly.

At the same time, councillors of the Małopolska Regional Assembly – deputy head of the presidential office Piotr Ćwik and former deputy marshal Józef Gawron – resigned from membership in Law and Justice.

In response to the results of the last vote, in which a candidate from another PiS faction won, Barbara Nowak, a former curator from Małopolska, who in recent years has become famous for her homophobic and ultra-right-wing statements, announced that she would resign her mandate. “I did not flee the battlefield. It was not a front. After acts of blackmail, attempts to go to the opposition, the spoils were divided. Those returning after betrayal got even more. I left because I remember what I promised my voters and I will not betray my oath as a councilor. Honor has no price,” she raged on the X portal. However, after a few days, she stated that she had changed her mind.

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Terlecki: crisis averted

She asked Łukasz Kmita and the former head of the PiS club in the Sejm about what was happening in the Małopolska PiS Ryszard Terlecki TVN24 reporter Maja Wójcikowska.

– All right, the crisis is over – Terlecki stated. – And what about Barbara Nowak's honor? – the reporter asked. – We won and that's the most important thing – Kmita replied, showing the victory sign.

Please note that two councilors resigned from PiS membershiphe replied: “Too bad, their choice.”

Ryszard Terlecki and Łukasz KmitaTVN24

Pęk: Mr. President is also full of anxiety

PiS senator Marek Pęk, former deputy speaker of the chamber, has a slightly different opinion. “We have an increasing crisis of leadership, loyalty and basic decency in PiS. The party is at odds, and it turns out once again that in order to advance to the top, you have to take a strong stand, or even betray someone. The honest and loyal have once again been used in a fruitless fight and now they stand on the sidelines and once again wonder what it was all for…” – wrote Pęk on the X portal on July 5.

– The leadership crisis also involves various local politicians trying to step out of line and trying to implement some of their own policies, policies that are contrary to what the Law and Justice leadership establishes – said Pęk in an interview with a TVN24 reporter.

– Mr. chairman is also full of concern when he looks at this, because loyalty to the decisions of the party leadership, and in particular to the chairman, is, in a way, the basis of our joint activities – he added.

Motyka: Now there will be a culling of unruly activists

Councilor PSL in the Małopolska regional assembly Miłosz Motyka stated that “the 'Armageddon' series in PiS continues”. – We have another episode ahead of us, namely the 'cutting out'. Now there will be the cutting out of unruly activists who opposed the will of chairman Kaczyński and Ryszard Terlecki. They will be sidelined – he said.

Motyka: Now, there will be a cut-down of unruly activists who opposed the will of Kaczyński and Terlecki TVN24

– Those who left, those who are leaving and those who will leave know perfectly well that in the future, Law and Justice will simply no longer exist for them, because there is no consent to agree to the policy of Łukasz Kmita, who will simply keep cutting them off – he added.

Ardanowski's New Formation? “We Are Not Afraid of Anything”

The situation in the Małopolska regional assembly is not the only turmoil in the PiS environment. Former minister in the Law and Justice government and long-time MP of this party, Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski, announced the creation of a new political force.

Maja Wójcikowska asked the former chairman of the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers in the government about this issue Mateusz Morawiecki Łukasz Schreiber. – We are not afraid of anything, we are working. We are afraid that because of the disastrous policy of Tusk and his cabinet, Poles are paying more and more money – he said.

Main image source: TVN24

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