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Texas. She got into someone else’s car by mistake. Shots fired. 2 people injured

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Texas police have arrested a 25-year-old man suspected of shooting at a group of cheerleaders and injuring two of them, one seriously, ABC News reported. One of the injured explained that the shots were fired after she tried to get into the man’s car, mistaking it for her own.

The incident took place on the night of April 17/18 in Elgin, a suburb of Austin. Four Woodlands Elite Cheer cheerleaders drove up to the supermarket parking lot where Heather Roth had parked her car after practice, ABC News reports. Roth told about the incident in the Instagram account quoted by the portal. As she explained, after getting out of her friend’s car, she went to the car, which she took as her own, and opened its door. When she saw a man sitting in the passenger seat, she thought that a stranger had broken into her vehicle, so she quickly returned to her friend’s car, frightened.

The report further states that the man got out of the car and approached the cheerleading vehicle. When Roth opened the window and apologized to him for the mistake she had already realized, he “raised his hands, drew his gun, and started firing.” He was about to fire a few shots towards the group. ABC News reports that a supermarket manager testified that he witnessed the attacker “repeatedly shoot at the vehicle” and then fled.

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Texas. Two cheerleaders injured

The portal reports that the bullets injured two cheerleaders. One of them was Roth. In her case, the injuries were not serious, the woman was dressed on the spot. Her colleague, identified as Payton Washington (below in the photo on the left – ed.), was more seriously injured. She was transported to the hospital in critical condition. From information posted on the GoFundMe platform, where it was created fundraising for treatment Washington It appears that the cheerleader’s condition has stabilized. However, she is still in the intensive care unit.

The day after the shooting, police said 25-year-old Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr. had been arrested in connection with the incident. It was not stated whether the man pleaded guilty.

Lynne Shearer, owner of Woodlands Elite Cheer, told local radio station KTBC that Washington is an “icon” in the cheerleading community and was scheduled to compete in the world championships this week. “She won literally everything but that title, so what happened is extremely heartbreaking for her,” Shearer said. “It was a harrowing night for all four girls,” she added.

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Main photo source: Elgin Police Department – Texas

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