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Texas. The corpse of the fourth person fished out of the lake. People are talking about a serial killer

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The body of another person has been found in Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas, according to American media. Since the beginning of February, the bodies of four men have already been fished out of this reservoir. Some local residents fear that the cases are connected and that the people fished out are the victims of a serial killer. The police emphasize that so far there is no evidence of third party involvement.

On Monday, police in Austin, Texas, identified a person whose body was recovered from Lady Bird Lake. This is 30-year-old John Christopher Hays-Clark. Three other bodies have been found in the same lake in recent weeks. Some local residents fear a serial killer is on the loose.

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Four bodies in Lady Bird Lake

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Hays-Clark’s body was found Saturday after local authorities received a report of an unconscious person in the water. At the moment, however, the police have no evidence that the man’s death was the result of murder. “While the investigation is still in its early stages, based on the information we currently have, we do not suspect that there is any deliberate action involved,” the police statement said.

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However, speculation abounds in the case, as this is another case where a human corpse was found in the same lake. In February this year, 30-year-old Jason John was fished out, and on April 1, 33-year-old Jonathan Honey. On March 5, a man whose identity has not yet been established was fished out.

Fox News reminds you that many years ago there was a serial killer in Austin. Between 1884 and 1885, the “Servant Girl Annihilator” allegedly murdered eight women. He was never captured and it is not known who he really was. Officials, however, cut off such speculations.

According to them, in the remaining three cases no intentional action by third parties was found either. “While the investigation is ongoing and the evidence is being reviewed, at this point in time there is no basis in any of these cases to believe that we are dealing with a deliberate act,” it said. “Although each of these events took place at the lake, the circumstances, exact locations (…) differ” – it was emphasized.

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Police: The main cause of drownings is alcohol and access to the lake

Police say the leading cause of drownings in Austin this year remains “a combination of alcohol and easy access to Lady Bird Lake,” which is located on Rainey Street, a popular bar and entertainment street. In addition, according to them, in many places the descent to the lake is very poorly visible at night. Due to the drownings in the area around the lake in early April, additional security measures, such as fencing and lighting, were put in place, local station Fox 7 reported.

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