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Thailand. Police ask Interpol for help in arresting two Poles

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Thai police asked Interpol for help in detaining two Poles accused of torturing a Cambodian citizen in Pattaya in southern Thailand, the Bangkok Post reported. The men were to mutilate the woman’s face, beat her with a hammer and pour acid over her genitals.

Thai investigators identified the two men suspected of these acts as Poles aged 22 and 31, according to the English-language “Bangkok Post”. According to the police chief of the Bang Lamung region, quoted by this newspaper, fingerprints and DNA traces left on a knife, hammer, duct tape, wire and a glass that were found at the crime scene helped to identify the alleged perpetrators. According to media reports, the Thai authorities also have surveillance video and witness statements.

An artist collaborating with a charity organization

The crime allegedly took place in the southern city of Pattaya Thailand in early November. According to police, the victim is a 30-year-old citizen Cambodia, an artist collaborating with a charity organization. The woman has been living in Thailand for almost a year.

Media: Two Poles allegedly tortured a Thai citizenShutterstock

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When police questioned the woman in the hospital after the attack, she said she did not know the attackers. Instead, she spoke of threats from “the ex-wife of her foreign friend,” the Bangkok Post reported.

According to the diary, prior to the attack, the Cambodian artist was contacted via instant messaging service by a person who claimed to be interested in seeing and buying her works. Two Poles were to appear at the meeting at the appointed time. As journalists write, the men dragged the woman to a nearby forest behind an abandoned house. There, they bound her hands and feet with wire and duct tape, poured acid over her genitals, and beat her with a hammer.

They arrived at the crime scene on a motorcycle

Both men arrived in the country on October 20, police said. They stayed at a hotel in the southern part of Pattaya. On October 31, they arrived at the crime scene on a motorcycle and left the next day after the attack, leaving the bike near the site. Police also said the suspects had left for Philippines November 3 and that the attack was apparently planned.

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