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Thailand. The body of a wanted German found in a freezer

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The body of a 62-year-old German man who has been wanted for over a week has been found in a freezer in a house in Thailand. Three suspects, two Germans and a Pakistani man, who according to the police were planned to kill the man, were arrested in the case.

The body of 62-year-old Hans-Peter Mack was found on Monday in a garbage bag in a freezer at a home in Nong Prue, south, the BBC reported. Thailand. Two citizens were arrested in connection with the case on Tuesday German aged 52 and 47. On Wednesday, Thai media announced the arrest of a third suspect – a 27-year-old Pakistani with Thai citizenship.

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Thailand. A 62-year-old man from Germany was murdered

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Hans-Peter Mack has been wanted since July 4. The man had a Thai wife, lived with her in the city of Pattaya and worked as a real estate agent. The woman called him when he didn’t show up for the dinner appointment. He replied via text that he would call back. On the same day at approx. At 10:00 p.m., she received another message saying she still had a meeting with a client. However, the woman was concerned about this behavior, because the man had never texted in five years of their relationship.

According to the police, two suspected Germans planned the murder of the man, and after it was carried out, they were to transport and hide the body. Mack was last seen alive in his car in Pattaya. The vehicle was found by officers on Sunday in the same city where his remains were found. He was in the parking lot of a housing estate.

According to the BBC, Thai media reported that a chainsaw, scissors and rolls of plastic wrap were found next to the 62-year-old’s body. Traces of cleaning agent were found in the car. seats, dashboard and steering wheel. Police Chief Theerachai Chamnanmor told the Bangkok Post that the circumstantial evidence indicated that the perpetrators were trying to cover their tracks. Nong Prue Police Chief Tawee Kudthalaeng said a large sum of money had disappeared from the victim’s bank account.

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