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Thailand. The conservative Democratic Party wants to legalize sex toys

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Ratchada Thanadirek, a member of the board of the Democratic Party of Thailand, urges the legalization and promotion of erotic gadgets, CNN reports. “From a medical point of view, doctors should even recommend sex toys,” she said.

Thanadirek announced her party’s intentions in a Facebook post published on April 24. A Thai politician explained that her group wanted to promote sex toys “for the safety of their users”. In the entry, the politician argued that the legalization of such items would help reduce the number of sex crimes and stop illegal imports. “From a medical point of view, doctors should even recommend sex toys as a substitute for using sexual services or cheating,” Thanadirek told CNN.

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Sex toys illegal in Thailand

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Currently, erotic gadgets in Thailand are illegal. Local law defines it as “obscene”. People caught producing, selling or distributing them face up to three years in prison and a fine of PLN 6,000. Thai baht (about $175). In her post, Thanadirek noted that although such toys are considered “immoral” in many parts of Thailand, they can still be bought at markets in Bangkok.

According to CNN, the Democratic Party wants erotic gadgets to be “a product subject to special government control and sold only to people over 18 years of age.” Thanadirek pointed out that government-controlled sales of sex toys could help Thailand’s economy. According to politicians, the authorities could levy a tax on imported equipment, and Thailand – like the world’s main rubber producer – has the potential to become a center for the production of erotic gadgets.

A party that has traditionally been considered one of the most conservative in the country, according to the latest polls is expected to win about 20-30 parliamentary seats in the May elections, according to CNN. The portal emphasizes that in order to push through the legalization of erotic gadgets, the group would have to convince other parties to its idea. The minimum necessary to amend the law is to obtain the support of 251 parliamentarians.

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CNN, Facebook/Ratchada Thanadirek

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