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Than Tina brings downpours. “Possible flooding”

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Cloudy and rainy weather awaits us. There will also be thunderstorms with downpours. Precipitation, especially in mountainous regions, will be heavy.

– Poland is in an area of ​​reduced pressure associated with the Tina low from the Mediterranean Sea and moving over the Balkans and eastern Poland towards north-western Russia. The system is a typical summer rain-bearing low bringing downpours, especially over the mountains. The atmospheric front associated with it separates the polar air masses that flowed into our country from the Atlantic, from the warm ones trying to penetrate the country from the south. The effect of the clash of air masses is heavy rainfall storms over the southern and eastern regions of the country – informs tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek.

On Monday, it will be moderately to heavily cloudy in the west of the country and Pomerania. In the rest of Poland it will be cloudy with rainfall of 5-15 liters per square meter, and in the south-eastern part of the country and on the eastern edges there will also be storms, during which it will drop to 30-40 l/sq m. It will rain most heavily in the mountains. The wind will be north and west, light and moderate, with strong storms.

Rainy days

According to the forecaster, in the next few days Poland will remain in the area of ​​reduced pressure, in the zone of air masses clashing in the south and east of the country. – The low-pressure systems forming over the Mediterranean Sea will move towards north-eastern Europe, from time to time touching Poland, bringing downpours and storms. Flooding is possible in places, especially in foothill areas, he adds.

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Tuesday will bring moderate and heavy cloudiness with occasional rainfall up to 5-10 l/sq m. almost throughout the country. There will be no rainfall only in Lower Silesia, the Lubuskie Province and Greater Poland. The wind will blow from the west, moderately, sometimes quite strongly and gustily.

Mostly cloudy with some showers are forecast for Wednesday. In general, it should not rain in the northern and eastern parts of the country, and in other regions there will be light rainfall up to 5-10 l/sq m. There will be a westerly, light to moderate wind.

Predicted rainfall in the next few daysVentusky

Downpours and storms

Thursday is going to be very cloudy. Rainfall of up to 10 l/sq m will occur at times over most of Poland, and in the north-eastern part of the country there will be storms, during which it will drop to 50 l/sq m, especially in the mountains. It will be dry only in the north-west. The wind will be west and north-west, moderate, strong during storms.

Friday will bring moderate to heavy clouds. In the center, east and south-east of the country, it will rain intermittently up to 5-10 l/sq m, in the Carpathian Foothills during storms it will drop to 30 l/sq m. The wind from the east blows weakly and moderately, and during storms it blows strongly.

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