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Than Tisna draws clouds to us. We will owe the clearing up to the baby boomer Hermione

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For now, the weather in Poland is governed by Tisna. Due to it, cooler air masses and clouds reach us. According to the weather forecaster tvnmeteo.pl Arleta Unton-Pyziołek, on Sunday the weather will be taken over by Hermione. With his arrival, it will start to calm down.

The weather in northern Europe is controlled by low-pressure vortices, which, one after the other, move with fronts from west to east, also rubbing against Poland and dragging cool polar air masses from the Atlantic. One of the lows – Tisna – will locate its center over Lithuania today, and the associated cold front is to move over the eastern half of Poland.

– However, the high-pressure Hermione from the center on Saturday over the Alps will grow and locate over the Carpathians, bringing clearings on Sunday and pulling warm air masses from the south – Arleta Unton-Pyziołek, the weather forecaster told tvnmeteo.pl.

The bar situation in EuropeDWD

Cloudy morning

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In the morning, the front stretched from Warmia and Mazurkathrough Mazowsze, Łódź Land, to Upper Silesia. In its northern part over Mazowsze – for example in the vicinity of Ostrów Mazowiecka, Różan or Wyszków – storm clouds were swirling and heading towards Podlasie. Cloudy sky with clearings dominated only behind the front – in Wielkopolska and Lower Silesia and in front of the front – in Podkarpacie. It rained in a belt from Warmia and Mazury, through the center of the country, to Upper Silesia. Precipitation also occurred on the coast, in the area of ​​Wolin and Kolobrzeg.

It was coldest at 6 o’clock GdanskSuwałki and Bialystok – 12 degrees Celsius. Residents of WarsawLublin, Kraków, Opole and Rzeszów, the thermometers showed 16 degrees C. The warmest was in Radom, where the thermometers showed 17 degrees C.

The temperature on Saturday, July 22, approx. 6wetteronline.de

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