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The 2021 census. GUS on problems with the census by phone

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There is less and less time to join the 2021 National Census of Population and Housing. The census hotline is operational. However, so many people are calling her that there is a message as if no one answered – the press department of the Central Statistical Office announced on Wednesday.

“There is so much occupancy of the helpline, so many people expect that the message appears, as if the helpline is not working, as if nobody is answering. Please, callers who hear such a signal should hang up and try to call again after a while” – explained in the press department of the Central Statistical Office.

It was emphasized that the online census application available through the website of the Central Statistical Office (GUS) works normally.


Census – the deadline is September 30

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On September 30, at 24:00, the deadline for taking part in the 2021 National Census of Population and Housing expires. Participation in it is obligatory, which results from the provisions of the Act on Public Statistics. A refusal may result in a fine of up to PLN 5,000. PLN, and providing false information may result in a penalty of up to two years’ imprisonment. You can take part in the census in three ways:

● by filling out a form online in an interactive application (CAWI method)

by calling the census hotline at 22 279 99 99which is serviced by employees of official statistics from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 18:00 (CATI method)

– by having a conversation with an accountant, the so-called direct or telephone interview. The accountant calls from the number 22 828 88 88 or 22 279 99 99. Pursuant to the Act, the transfer of data cannot be refused, and refusal may result in the imposition of a fine.

Census – how to write online?

Those who choose to participate in the online census should visit the website index.gov.plwhere the census application is located. After clicking on it, you will be asked to choose a login method. Choose one of the following methods:

● logging in via the National Node of Electronic Identification (using a Trusted Profile, e-ID or electronic banking)

● logging in by entering the PESEL number and password (if you log in for the first time, click “Define password”, there you will be asked to enter the PESEL number, mother’s family name and proposed password, and then repeat it)

● by entering an e-mail address and password (method for foreigners without a PESEL number)

In the next steps, you should answer the questions displayed on the screen.

Census – how long does it take, what questions are asked

Taking part in the census does not take long. It usually takes around 20 minutes to answer all the questions.

The following information must be provided in the census forms:

– regarding personal data

– concerning the address of residence

– regarding co-residents

– concerning persons registered but staying abroad

– concerning family relations

– concerning the inhabited apartment.

Participants must also complete a personal questionnaire prepared by the creators of the census.

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