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The 2023 parliamentary elections will be held on October 15. Political comments: the president was winking at Law and Justice

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I hope that this will put an end to the illegal campaign of Law and Justice – said Krzysztof Gawkowski from the Left, referring to the announcement of the election date. The leader of Poland 2050, Szymon Hołownia, wrote that it would be “a match for a better Poland for our children”, and Donald Tusk said that “on October 15 we will decide about the fate of our homeland”. Representatives of other political formations also commented on the president’s decision.

President Andrzej Duda announced on Tuesday the date of the parliamentary elections in 2023. They will take place on October 15. Politicians commented on the moment of issuing the presidential order on the vote and its date.

The head of the Left club, Krzysztof Gawkowski, said in an interview with a TVN24 reporter that it was “a good day for Polish democracy.”

– I hope that this will stop the illegal campaign of Law and Justice, that these banners will end, millions for picnics will end and it will be possible to run an equal campaign, because so far it has not been equal – he said. According to him, “the truth is that the president winked for two or three weeks to Law and Justice, colleagues from the United Right, because he helped them. suddenly, he said.

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– Law and Justice led an uneven campaign. This has to be said strongly, because it had an impact on the result elections and PiS will allow it. Hopefully now we’re starting a different mode,” he added.

He pointed out that “there are 24-hour courts, there is an election mode”. – If the Left sees, as it announced, that there will be illegal activities of the government, promotions, we will report the processes in 24-hour mode – he said. Gawkowski emphasized that “National Electoral Commission has a clear, defined mode: there is an election campaign, we do not spend money that goes sideways, and this is illegal campaign financing, which he has done so far PISexploiting a constitutional loophole.

Hołownia: the most important match in my life

The president’s decision was also commented on by the leader of Poland 2050 on Twitter Simon Holownia. “On October 15, the most important match in my life will take place. A match for a better Poland for our children. We are ready, although we know that everything can be expected on the pitch,” he wrote.

The vice-chairman of Poland 2050, Michał Kobosko, assured in an interview with PAP that the formation is ready for the campaign. – We do not care about the law and according to it, after the ordinance is published in the Journal of Laws, we can proceed with the registration of the Third Way coalition election committee. We are already prepared for this procedure, to start the registration of the committee, and then – when the committee is registered – to start its normal electoral operation, including the particularly important process of collecting signatures on our electoral lists – he said.

According to him, the fact that the president – as Kobosko assessed – delayed announcing the election date was completely unnecessary. – This delay makes one wonder whether the president is the guardian of the constitution and democracy in Poland, or whether he is trying to help one of the parties closer to his heart and his beliefs – he said.

As he emphasized, “PiS has been circumventing the election regulations for many months, campaigning for its candidates on hundreds of thousands of billboards throughout Poland, organizing pseudo-picnics 800+, which are de facto election rallies.”

The president “with such a game for time goes hand in hand with PiS”

“In football jargon, it was a timed game. And this is not a game in the Champions League, but rather a scenario from a class B match – said the vice-president of the Polish People’s Party, Dariusz Klimczak, referring to the president’s order.

As he added, “we all read his behavior so that with his behavior, such a game for time, he goes hand in hand with PiS.” – Because the shorter the time for the democratic opposition to get started in the election campaign, the better for PiS representatives. We all know that,” he said.

In his opinion, Duda not only sought to announce the election date as late as possible, but also to indicate the first possible date. – So that the election campaign would be short and give the democratic opposition as little time as possible to present its arguments in a debate with representatives of the ruling camp – he explained.

Klimczak also assured that the Third Way is prepared for the campaign. As previously agreed, two staffs will operate, and the coordination of work will be carried out through the leaders of both groups and the chiefs of staff – Adam Jarubas, who will lead the work of the PSL election staff and Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz, the chief of staff of Poland 2050 – as well as persons responsible for individual areas of operation of the two groups.

Tusk: On October 15, we will decide about the fate of our homeland

The leader of the Civic Platform also spoke about the elections and their date Donald Tusk. From now on, let each and every one of you take these words to heart. On October 15, we will decide the fate of our homeland, our cities, our villages, our families, our children, our grandchildren. There is no exaggeration in this – he announced during a rally in Legionowo.

– Let’s take these words to heart and on October 15 we will go to the elections knowing that this may be the last day of this sad, gloomy period, which we would like to wipe from our memory as soon as possible – he appealed. And he added: – On October 15, we will chase Kaczyński.

Tusk on the elections: it’s really about your lives, our lives, about the most important values, about the safety of our childrenTVN24

KO secretary: it will be two weeks of great mobilization of opposition supporters

The secretary of the Civic Coalition club, Zbigniew Konwiński, assured that as a club “we have been prepared for the date of October 15 for a long time”. – It will be two weeks of great mobilization of supporters of the opposition, the Civic Coalition, that is after the great March of a Million Hearts in Warsaw announced on October 1 – he added.

He noted that KO invites representatives of all opposition parties and all citizens who want changes to take place in Poland in the autumn. “The sooner the election is held, the better,” he said.

At the same time, he pointed out that the ruling camp had been undertaking a number of “legally questionable activities” for a long time, which could be classified as campaign expenses. – Many activities undertaken by the ruling camp are financed from public money, from the money of ministries, from the money of the government or even state-owned companies – he noted. According to the KO politician, PiS is looking for any ways to increase its chances in the elections and one of the tools is the idea of ​​a possible referendum on the relocation of migrants on election day. – PiS thought that it would present a problem, threaten with it, and then present itself as a defender, thinking that it would bring him profits. In my opinion, there is no real threat of migrants, the greatest threat to Poland and Poles is the rule of PiS, said Konwiński.

The election campaign around the corner

The decision of the president to call elections must be published in the Journal of Laws no later than the fifth day after the date of ordering the elections. Only after the publication will the election campaign officially start.

Together with the president’s decision, the election calendar will also be published in the Journal of Laws, specifying the days on which the deadlines for performing electoral activities provided for in the Code expire, such as: notifying the National Electoral Commission of the establishment of an election committee, submitting lists of candidates for deputies and candidates for senators, or nominating candidates for members of precinct electoral commissions.

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