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The accident of the government column with Prime Minister Morawiecki. “This is something reprehensible, a copy from Auschwitz”

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Headlamp with a police car and six people injured. This is a brief description of an accident involving a government column. Why did the civilian car hit the last vehicle of the column? There must be an answer to this question. The police have a preliminary version of what happened. Experts are skeptical right from the start. Attorney Władysław Pociej looks for similarities in this case to the accident of the column with Prime Minister Beata Szydło six years ago.

Two broken cars, including a police car, and six injured people – this is the balance of Sunday’s accident in Podlasie. Two policemen were the most seriously injured and were transported to hospitals in Bialystok. One of the police officers came to us with abdominal injuries. Typical ones that arise in traffic accidents. He underwent surgery in the evening. At the moment, his condition is stable, informed Katarzyna Malinowska-Olczyk from the University Clinical Hospital in Bialystok. No one from the family in the second civilian car was seriously injured. Both cops are feeling better now. They were wounded while escorting the government column with Prime Minister Morawiecki.

– The second car, from the opposite lane, entered the lane in which the marked column was moving correctly – said Piotr Müller, the government’s spokesman. – One car veered to the right edge of the road, and the driver of the Mazda did not stop behind it, did not slow down. She also did not turn to the right side, and she wanted to avoid this vehicle, which meant that she was on the opposite lane – described Insp. Mariusz Ciarka, spokesman for the Chief Commander of the Police.

The woman collided head-on with the last car of the government column, a police car. Indictment ready? Not so fast, argues attorney Władysław Pociej. He represents the young driver who collided with the column of Prime Minister Beata Szydło six years ago. – This type of driving, forcing other traffic participants to make a sudden maneuver in traffic, also combined with driving to the side of the road, is something reprehensible and something that is not justified in any way. Because the protection of some people cannot bring a deadly threat to others – commented Władysław Pociej, attorney and defender of Sebastian Kościelnik.

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Collision in Czajki. Government spokesman: Mateusz Morawiecki rode in the government columnTVN24

“Tracing paper from Auschwitz”

– The column was moving correctly. Anyway, that’s how officers are trained, whether it’s the State Protection Service or the police. The passage of the column in Berlin and Brussels looks really similar – assured Insp. Mariusz Ciarka. Police said these were preliminary findings. The former head of the BOR believes that the final version of what happened in Podlasie may be different. – The injuries suffered by one of these policemen are so serious that here I would have serious doubts about the speed of the column – assessed Gen. Mirosław Gawor, former head of the BOR.

They’re injured, so the case can’t end with a ticket. There was an accident, so the court will have to find the culprit and answer the questions – why the civilian car hit the last vehicle of the column and what were the distances between the vehicles.

– Would it mean that again, a copy from Auschwitz, there was too much distance between the protected and the guarding vehicles, the speed? asks Wladyslaw Pociej. In Oświęcim, a car with Prime Minister Szydło crashed into a tree. Accidents, collisions and dangerous behavior of drivers of cars used by the authorities are almost impossible to count. Many cars are involved in such collisions, as in this car with Antoni Macierewicz, still as the Minister of Defense, who was in a hurry from Toruń to Warsaw for the award ceremony for Jarosław Kaczyński. In the last case from Podlasie, several witnesses and the driver of a passenger car have been questioned for the time being. Police officers will be questioned after leaving the hospital. Charges are expected in a few months at the earliest.

Main photo source: TVN facts

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