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The Act on Decriminalization of Abortion. President Andrzej Duda's Clear Position on TVN24

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President Andrzej Duda, in a conversation with Marcin Wrona from “Fakty” TVN, said directly that he will not sign the law on decriminalizing abortion. – For me, abortion is killing people – said the president.

President Andrzej Duda was asked in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 whether he would sign – if it landed on his desk – the bill on abortion, which assumes decriminalization and decriminalization of acts related to termination of pregnancy in Poland.


– No – he replied. – No, because for me abortion is killing people – he added. In response to the remark of the host of the interview, Marcin Wrona, correspondent of “Fakty” TVN, that it was about aiding and abetting, Duda repeated: – For me it is simply, unfortunately, depriving people of life.

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As he added, “one thing is certain”. – Women who are pregnant, if they have an abortion, should not be punished in any way. Because a woman is in a special situation here. You cannot do such things – said the president.

– However, as for other people who would in some way participate in this procedure, in an illegal manner, their penalization is a completely different matter – he assessed.

When asked about the law on civil partnerships, he replied that he “needs to see the law in detail”.

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The Justice Fund Scandal: “This Case Must Be Handled Honest”

President Duda was also asked about the scandal surrounding the Justice Fund, from which huge amounts of money, instead of helping crime victims, were transferred according to political principles by the previous government. Marcin Romanowski from Sovereign Poland, a motion was filed to lift his immunity, and the prosecutor's office is bringing 11 charges against him, including participation in an organized criminal group. Meanwhile, Michał Woś from Sovereign Poland has already had his immunity lifted.

>>> The Justice Fund was supposed to help victims of crime, but “it behaved like a perpetrator of violence” <<<

According to President Duda, this case should be “conducted honestly in accordance with the rules, principles of justice and the rule of law”. – If it turns out that crimes were actually committed, then the people responsible for it will have to be punished – he said.

He added that he “does not know the details of this matter”. – However, I hear various rumors, various cries, fairy tales about hundreds of thousands of people being wiretapped, for example, by Pegasus. Which is completely untrue and we all already know that it is untrue – he assessed.

He admitted that “yes, arrests were made,” but “today, around these arrests, the way people were detained and treated, there are very serious doubts as to whether they acted in accordance with the law and whether basic human rights were not violated.” – So let's approach this calmly – he said. – The most important thing is that the law is observed. If the law was violated, if crimes were committed, then those responsible for it should be punished. And this applies in every direction – he assessed.


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Duda: Kaczyński's leadership in PiS is PiS's business

Wrona also asked the president about the position of the PiS chairman Jaroslaw Kaczynski in the party due to the stalemate that persisted for a long time in the Małopolska regional council. Despite repeated attempts, it was not possible to elect a voivodeship marshal there.although PiS had a majority in the regional council and the party authorities clearly recommended Łukasz Kmita for this position. Ultimately a new PiS candidate was elected – Łukasz Smółkawho had previously been vice-marshal. Kmita's candidacy had previously been rejected five times, despite being pushed for by Jarosław Kaczyński himself. It is said that the president finally gave in under pressure from his own councillors, who rebelled against him.

– Jarosław Kaczyński's leadership in Law and Justice is a matter for Law and Justice. I am the president of the Republic of Poland, I am not a member of the party – said Duda.

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He also referred to the situation in the regional council itself, which is chaired by his father, Jan Tadeusz Duda. The chairman was accused of not acceding to Kmita's request not to convene the session until July 10, which would have involved the need to call early elections there. elections.

– My father was elected by the majority in the regional council to the office of the regional council chairman, which he held in the previous term, and in my opinion he was most deeply right in believing that his duty was to honestly perform the duties of the chairman. He did everything to prevent the regional council from de facto dissolving itself, i.e. not electing the authorities of the Małopolska province, not electing the board. He did everything to ensure that this board was elected and I am glad that the board was elected by the majority of regional councilors. Because in a sense it is also my father's success as the chairman, that despite various very unpleasant situations, and also many unpleasant words that were directed at him, also by people who should not have spoken out, because they were outside the regional council, my father coped and performed his task well – he said.

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President Duda on the situation in the Małopolska regional assembly and Kaczyński's leadership in PiSTVN24

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