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The activist had an accident in the Dominican Republic. Collection for Marta Janecka

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She is a Warsaw cultural activist, with commitment she supported the Women’s Strike, the LGBT community, and organized the Warsaw Equality Parade. Marta Janecka needs help. The 30-year-old suffered in an accident in the Dominican Republic. It is in serious condition.

Marta’s friends describe her in one word: amazing. And they list its achievements, making a reservation: this is only part of it. – Marta studied stage design in Łódź. Later, she successfully developed her career. She worked as a set designer in the production of films, series, commercials – says Martyna Kuc, Marta’s friend.

Even so, she found time to help others. The 30-year-old was active at the Jewish Community Center, where she organized art classes for children. She was involved in the functioning of the National Women’s Strike and the organization of the Equality Parade. She helped to open one of the most popular places in the capital, Bar Studio.

Now, unconscious, intubated, she lies in a hospital in the Dominican Republic. She underwent her first operation on Friday.

Serious accident

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Marta suffered an accident on the night of January 8-9 in the Dominican Republic. She was hit by a speeding bus. She was hospitalized with broken arms and legs. He has a broken knee, a femur in three places, a broken pelvis, multiple fractures. She lost a lot of blood. He has aspiration pneumonia, severe anemia.

In a hospital in the Dominican Republic, she was put into a pharmacological coma. She is intubated and has had several blood transfusions. – Marta is undergoing surgery. This is the first major operation, the doctors delayed it for a long time because it was too weak. After it is finished, they will try to wake her up – describes her friend.

The collection continues

However, the 30-year-old is facing other, also serious surgery. Consequently, the family and friends of the 30-year-old set up online collection for Martha’s treatment. “Her condition is very difficult. We are waiting for stabilization, which will allow us to transfer to the appropriate hospital and carry out the necessary operations. We have numerous surgeries and transport of Martha to Poland, and then a long rehabilitation” – we read in the description of the collection.

500,000 zlotys are needed. The family estimated that this would be Martha’s operations, transport to Poland, rehabilitation, legal assistance and translation of documents. On Friday evening, the counter already showed over PLN 300,000. Money for Marta’s treatment was paid by over five thousand people, including politicians, cultural organizations and activists.

– We managed to raise 300,000 very quickly. But it’s not our merit, but Marty. This is what the person mentioned. Everyone who knows her knows what she is. She is amazing. Now others want to give her some of the good they got from her – comments Martyna Kuc. And she adds: – It’s also refreshing for us.

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