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The administration of justice dictated by private interests. Controversial decisions, protracted investigations.

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How the authorities use the judiciary or do not use it when it suits them, can be seen nowadays. The investigation can be omitted, the case dismissed, as in the case of envelope elections, Marek Kuchciński’s flights, two towers or other matters concerning the party that is in power. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Deputy Minister of Justice Sebastian Kaleta asked whether every citizen can count on similar care from the Ministry of Justice as in the case of the death of the minister’s father Zbigniew Ziobroreplies: “It’s not that this is an exceptional situation, and in such situations it is even justified.”

– I did not take a position on this matter and I saw no reason, because the case was obvious – explained Zbigniew Ziobro.

A different opinion on the involvement of the Minister of Justice is his deputy from the prosecutor’s office from years ago. – He can make personal decisions in these matters, such that in his opinion are beneficial for the ministry and the political party he heads – assesses Janusz Kaczmarek.

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Controversial decisions of the prosecutor’s office

And indeed – by accident or not – since the merger of the functions of the Minister of Justice and the Prosecutor General, there is no shortage of such decisions by the prosecutor’s office. When in 2013 the party convention was called a “climate congress” in the documents and in this way they wanted to use EU funds – the prosecutor’s office dropped the case after three years of investigation. – The prosecutor’s office is completely dependent on Ziobro and he does not even hide it – he points out Boris Budka from the Civic Platform.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski he certainly breathed a sigh of relief when the prosecutor’s office did not want to investigate the backstage of the attempt to build “Two Towers” and the activities of the Srebrna company, and when he did not have to give any explanations about the embarrassing recordings.

At the same time, Gerald Birgfellner, submitting a notification about the possibility of committing a crime – demanding from the president PIS a refund of over a million euros – he appeared in the capital’s prosecutor’s office six times, and then again in his native Austria. For Polish prosecutors, it was still not enough to start an investigation at all.

The prosecutor’s office “is a political tool in the hands of the minister”

As in the case of envelope elections, which ultimately did not take place, which does not mean that they did not cost, because although seventy-six million zlotys were spent, it did not cost the prosecutor’s office anything to not start an investigation here as well.

– Consequences are drawn, sometimes they are political, because not always certain irregularities reported by the media are crimes – judges Kazimierz Smoliński from Law and Justice.

Zbigniew ZiobroMateusz Marek/PAP/EPA

Indeed – Janusz Cieszyńskiwho signed a contract with an arms dealer for the supply of ventilators, is no longer the deputy minister of health. Instead, he just got the digitization ministry. And why should he not get it, since the prosecutor’s office did not find any crime and discontinued the investigation.

Former Justice Minister and now independent senator Krzysztof Kwiatkowski believes that the prosecutor’s office “has nothing to do with autonomous decisions”. – On the other hand, it is a political tool in the hands of the Minister of Justice and the Prosecutor General, who directs its work – he adds.

Protracted prosecutorial investigations

The investigation into the construction of a new coal-fired unit in Ostrołęka – costing over three billion zlotys and finally demolished for another billion zlotys – is still under investigation.

It is also still unknown whether an investigation will be launched into the almost one hundred flights of Marek Kuchciński. What is known is that an investigation is underway against a whistleblower who revealed the case of the then Marshal of the Sejm’s frequent flights. He was even charged.

When asked about this matter, Marek Ast from PiS replies that “this is a question for the prosecutor general and the competent prosecutors”. “I don’t think it was his will,” he says. When asked if it was a coincidence, the politician replied: “No, rather the nature of complicated matters.”

When PiS introduced changes to the prosecutor’s office in 2016, Zbigniew Ziobro assured that “the solutions adopted in the new law on the prosecutor’s office strengthen the depoliticization of the prosecutor’s office.”

Main photo source: Mateusz Marek/PAP/EPA

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