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The adventures of falcons in Lublin. My mother abandoned the eggs, a falconer took them in, then tragedy struck

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The place of the action is Lublin – a nest of peregrine falcons named Wrotka and Czart. The rotifer laid eggs, then flew away and disappeared. The devil tried to blow the eggs. People helped. It worked and then Wrotka came back. Unfortunately, the falcon family's happiness did not last long.

Mr. Jarosław accompanied the falcon babies from their first moments. He was a foster family, father and mother. You're on the same page with falcons.

– My mother was not very caring and she went away. However, this process, I have been doing it for several years, delights me every year. Every year it's actually a miracle of nature, these birds come out of these eggs. In fact, some people say that getting this chick out of the egg is the most difficult thing this bird will ever do – says Jarosław Przydacz, a falconer from the Garwolin Forest District.

The mother disappeared for 40 hours. The father started incubating the offspring

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The watchful eye of observers noticed that the mother, named Wrotka, had disappeared from the nest for 40 hours. The father, named Czart, started incubating the offspring, but he couldn't do it alone. – Perhaps the female was slightly poisoned and therefore weak, which is why she disappeared – supposes Sławomir Sielicki from the “Sokół” Association for Wild Animals. People rushed to help nature. The falcons were hatched at Mr. Jarosław's. – Jarek is a falconer, and it is a real passion for him. He is not the kind of falconer who only breeds and has these birds for himself, but when they need help or rescue, he takes them in and saves them with his own money. He will feed him and give him to his mother as needed, says Anna Bolesta, secretary of the Garwolin Forest District.

Plastic waste kills birds. “They mechanically damage internal organs”Jarosław Kostkowski/Fakty TVN

Unexpectedly, Roller skates came back. So they threw chicken eggs at her to see how she would behave. They were basically Easter eggs. – Here they were additionally tinted a little so that the color was somewhat similar to the original ones – says Sielicki. – You can put hen chicks under her and she will feed them meat in the same way. But they will run – comments Przydacz.

For a moment the family was complete. However, the happiness did not last long

After the female sat on the chicken eggs, they were turned into chicks. She also got a free meal, but Wrotka was not interested in it. She appeared in the nest a minute after the children returned. The family was complete, but the happiness did not last long.

Half of Poland was terrified by the news of Czart's departure. The three-year-old father of the chicks returned from hunting in an agonizing condition and did not survive. – Unfortunately, they are often poisoned – admits Sielicki.

PLN 50,000 was collected as a reward for identifying the culprit. The cubs are old enough that Wrotka should be able to cope as a single mother. – The young are several days old, so one individual can then feed them – says Sielicki.

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Half a century ago, falcons became extinct in Poland. Thanks to falconers, the population is recovering and now numbers over a hundred breeding pairs. Thirty live in cities.

– A little bit of pride, a little bit of concern, because we know that I did a lot to ensure that these birds survived. Besides, people also write to me asking that “maybe the mother feeds the smaller one less, maybe they need to give them something.” But generally, we did what we could do, now nature takes care of it itself – sums up Przydacz.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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