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The AfD is growing stronger. “I will fight the extreme right until the end of my days, until my last breath”

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In opinion polls, the far-right Alternative for Germany is emerging as the second largest political force in the country. However, before he reaches power in Berlin, he may win seats in the elections to the European Parliament. The AFD has just announced the goals it wants to go to Brussels with.

“Grandmothers Against the Right” – is a bottom-up initiative of elderly women from Germany. They protest against Nazism, racism, populism and violence. “Grandmothers Against the Right” are regular participants in demonstrations against the “Alternative for Germany” party. They do not bite their tongues, and the slogans “Down with the Nazis” and “Racism is no alternative” are directed towards the AfD.

Ms. Heide, 82, from Hamburg, says she was already in the world when the war ended, and she doesn’t want those times back. The AfD is a Nazi party. I will fight the extreme right until the end of my days, until my last breath, emphasizes the 82-year-old from Hamburg. A demonstration took place in the streets of Magdeburg, where the AfD congress took place over the weekend. At the congress, the party celebrated record support. In a recent poll, the leader, the CDU/CSU bloc, was separated by only 4 percentage points from the extreme right. Elections to the Bundestag will take place in two years. The AfD is already saying that it wants to win it. – We will continue to improve our result until the election. Then no one will be ahead of us – announces Alice Weidel, co-chairman of the AfD.

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The power of extremes

During the Congress, the AfD selected candidates for next year’s European elections. The most radical candidates, calling for dexit, i.e. Germany’s withdrawal from the European Union, gained the most votes. – The European Union has a very simple agenda: climate, gender, immigration and war. The AfD program is prosperity, family, nation, peace, explains Maximilian Krah, an AfD politician. Bjoern Hoecke, who a few years ago called the Berlin Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe a “disgrace”, is gaining more and more influence in the AfD. He uses slogans straight from the Third Reich – recently he has been openly supporting Putin, and he says that Russia is not an enemy, but a natural partner. – Bjoern Hoecke has long since become the unofficial leader of the party. He is well on his way to getting rid of the remnants of moderate members and becoming an openly führer of a National Socialist party with huge influence across the country, alarms Irmgard Wurdack, an organizer of anti-AfD demonstrations.

The AfD does not hide that it draws its models from Hungary and Poland. Politicians of the Confederation regularly meet with party members. They did not protest when AfD co-chairwoman Alice Weidel used the term “Central Germany” in reference to the former East Germany in early June. According to this logic, eastern Germany would be the Polish Regained Territories. This is an indirect questioning of the Polish-German border.

In Germany itself, the AfD is surrounded by a cordon sanitaire. It is isolated by the other parties. No one can imagine forming a coalition with it, but the growing power of the extreme right makes this situation difficult to maintain in the future. – We are ten years old, we have grown up. We are no longer a young party. We are a new party, but no longer young. What have we achieved? We no longer quarrel in public, we have harmony and unity,” Tino Chrupalla, AfD vice-president, enumerates. The stronghold of the extreme right is the territory of the former GDR. It is there that the slogans of opposition to climate policy, immigration and even aid to Ukraine fall on fertile ground.

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