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The Air Ambulance Service has a new base at the airport in Babice. A lot has changed in 20 years

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They are irreplaceable in case of accidents and emergencies. Now rescuers from the Air Ambulance Service have a new base at the airport in Babice. LPR has something to be proud of, because recent years have seen major positive changes.

The new central base of the Air Ambulance Service at the airport in Warsaw's Babice was opened with great fanfare. In addition, there are other modern bases throughout the country and a fleet of 27 helicopters and four planes. This is how it is in LPR now, and what was it like 20 years ago? Old Soviet helicopters dominated – already suitable for a museum and unable to fly in the dark – and crumbling bases.

– What happened here, this civilizational leap, is the effort of this entire organization, of all the people I had the honor to lead for 16 years – says Prof. Robert Gałązkowski, former director of the Air Ambulance Service.

The list of those who contributed to this extraordinary development of the sky emergency service is long, but it is worth mentioning at least the team of specialists who, in cooperation with the Swiss, designed equipment for Polish Eurocopters.

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– This is basically a once-in-a-generation project of a lifetime. We managed to do something that no one has done for several dozen years in Poland – said Dr. Zbigniew Żyła, then deputy medical director of the Air Ambulance Service, 15 years ago.

Helicopter landing in the Karkonosze MountainsContact 24/ Maja

Ministry of Health will buy more helicopters

The purchase of helicopters caused a revolution in hospital emergency departments. Now almost all of them in Poland have helicopter landing pads and there are almost three hundred of them. Two decades ago, there were only a few landing sites: three in Warsaw, without modern lighting in Krakow, and in Łódź only one, and without certificates, at the Polish Mother's Health Center. There was no money for new landing pads, so it is not surprising that the Copernicus Hospital in Łódź started selling bricks to build one.

The Ministry of Health will buy six more helicopters that will be able to take two patients and ECMO equipment. – What is extremely important when purchasing larger machines is a much longer range, because these helicopters will be able to operate up to 400 kilometers on one refueling – explains Gałązkowski.

– Even when purchasing six new helicopters, which will be slightly larger helicopters, these landing pads must be adapted to their masses. Here, too, we are planning funds from competitions in the Ministry of Health for the modernization of landing sites – informs Marek Kos, Deputy Minister of Health.

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