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The airport in Modlin will receive money from the local government. What will he spend it on?

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There is support from the local government of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship for the airport in Modlin. On Friday, a long-term loan agreement in the amount of PLN 7.5 million was signed with the management board of the Warsaw-Modlin Mazowiecki Airport. The money will be used to modernize the taxiway and replace the lights on the runway.

As reported by the authorities of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, the need to repair the runways at the Modlin airport has been discussed since 2018, but only now have all shareholders agreed to support the airport in this regard. The company will allocate the loan for the modernization of part of the A2 taxiway, as well as for the replacement of lighting at the beginning and end of the runway. This will be the first stage of a general renovation of the taxiway, which has only undergone surface repairs so far.

Previously, a number of ad hoc repairs

Taxiway A2 runs along the main apron PPS 1 at the airport. Due to the constantly growing number of operations and the visible wear and tear of the pavement and the decrease in the load-bearing capacity of the pavement, since 2018, cyclical tests of the DK-A2 load-bearing capacity have been carried out by the Air Force Institute of Technology. Since 2018, the company has also carried out a number of ad hoc repairs to the taxiway surface, which cost a total of PLN 6.8 million.

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Mazowiecki Port Lotniczy Warszawa-Modlin has already announced a tender for construction works, and the loan should be repaid by the end of 2027.

– The self-government of the Mazowieckie Voivodship, as a co-owner of the Warsaw-Modlin Airport, has been very consistent in supporting the development of this airport from the very beginning. We believe that Mazowsze, but also Poland, needs this airport – said Adam Struzik, Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, during the signing of the loan agreement on Friday.

He reminded that in 2019, over 3,200,000 passengers departed from this airport. passengers. “After the pandemic, air traffic returns to normal. As early as 2022, this airport has shown that it has potential. The level of traffic from before the pandemic has been restored” – noted Adam Struzik.

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The first step on the way to new investments

Marshal Adam Struzik also emphasized that the loan provided by the Mazowsze government is the first step on the way to starting new investments in Modlin. – I would like the next step to be the consent of all the company’s shareholders to expand the terminal in Modlin. I am counting on an agreement and co-investment of the company, so that we can fully use the potential of this airport. The provincial government, as one of the company’s shareholders, has been of the opinion from the beginning that the airport in Modlin needs to be expanded – noted the marshal.

In turn, the acting president of the board of the Mazowiecki Port Lotniczy Warszawa-Modlin, Tomasz Szymczak, pointed out that this is money for the reconstruction of the airport infrastructure, which wears out quickly.

He added that the company hopes that in the coming years, by 2025, it will be possible to expand the terminal, which will include restaurants and a duty-free shop, and to build three new parking spaces, which will be located to the left of the terminal.

– This development plan is not only for the current carrier, which is fighting to make this terminal and infrastructure better. The point is to attract new carriers. In order to make this port more attractive to others, we have to expand it – noted Tomasz Szymczak.

He also pointed out that after the renovation of the S7 road, there will be a junction near the airport in Modlin, so both from northern Poland and from Warsaw, access to the port will be more convenient. – We have also recently heard preliminary information from Polskie Linie Kolejowe that they will start building a railway link with the Modlin station in 2025 at the latest – Szymczak said on Friday.

Aftermath of a court judgment

The loan agreement signed on Friday is the aftermath of the judgment of the Court of Appeal in Warsaw, which dismissed PPL’s ​​appeal against the judgment of the District Court in Warsaw.

As previously reported by the Marshal’s Office of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship, in January 2021, the meeting of shareholders of the Mazowiecki Port Lotniczy Warszawa Modlin adopted a resolution on financial support for the company, the purpose of which was the development of the airport in Modlin. However, this action was opposed by one of the company’s shareholders – PPL. The case went to court.

“The Court of Appeal in Warsaw dismissed PPL’s ​​appeal against the judgment of the District Court in Warsaw dismissing PPL’s ​​claim in its entirety regarding the appeal against the resolution of the shareholders’ meeting. in its entirety and appealed, which was dismissed by the Court of Appeal in Warsaw.

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