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The Alternative for Germany (AfD) invites the Confederation to cooperate in the European Parliament in a new faction. But it does not want Grzegorz Braun

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The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) wants to create a faction in the European Parliament called Europe of Sovereign Nations, the German daily “Die Welt” reported on Tuesday. According to the daily, the AfD has invited the Polish Confederation to cooperate, but not in its entirety. “The AfD has set a condition that it will not cooperate with Polish MP Grzegorz Braun,” the daily reports.

According to information from journalists from “Die Welt”, the new parliamentary group is to consist of 28 MEPs from nine countries. Half of them are to come from the AfD, and the leader of the group is to be its MEP Rene Aust.

Alternative for German proposed the name Europe of Sovereign Nations (ESN),” the newspaper reported. The daily reported that the AfD invited other Eurosceptic parties to cooperate: Reconquista from FranceConfederation from Poland, Renaissance from BulgariaEnd of party with SpainFreedom and Direct Democracy with CzechHnutie Republic of SlovakiaOur Homeland Movement with Hungarian and the Union of Nation and Justice with Lithuania.

Die Welt notes that although the group has not yet been formed, there have been “successful negotiations on further cooperation”. The daily reports that the formation of the new EP faction is to be officially announced on Wednesday evening.

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Germany's right-wing party doesn't want Braun

“Die Welt” points out that the AfD invited three of the six MEPs from the Polish Confederation and one of the two MEPs from the Slovak Hnutie Republika to form the Europe of Sovereign Nations group.

“The AfD has set a condition that it will not cooperate with Polish MP Grzegorz Braun and Slovak MP Milan Mazurek,” we read in the daily. The reason is their statements on the Holocaust.

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