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The amendment to the road traffic law was adopted by the Sejm

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The amendment to the road traffic law was adopted by the Sejm. The new regulations assume that penalty points are to be removed after one year, not after two years. Drivers will also be able to take part in training, which will reduce 6 penalty points.

427 MPs voted for the amendment, 18 abstained and 3 were against. The amendment concerns, among others increasing the safety of passengers in the implementation of road transport by the so-called taxis on the application, incl. through better verification of the driver’s identity than before. Entrepreneurs acting as intermediaries in road transport will be obliged, among others, to: to verify drivers who perform transport, before starting cooperation and ordering the first transport – in the mode of personal appearance, including their identity (image fixation), authorizations (driving license) and no criminal record; verification of documents entitling to drive a vehicle, and in the case of Polish documents to verify their authenticity.

Tougher penalties for violations

The new regulations are also intended to tighten the penalties for breaching the obligations provided for in the Act – both for entrepreneurs who act as intermediaries in transport and for persons performing transport. Another change concerns the fact that the entrepreneur conducting intermediation in the transport of passengers, within 3 months from the date of entry into force of the Act, will verify “carrying out the transport of persons commissioned to the entrepreneur with whom he started cooperation before the date of entry into force of (…) the Act” . The provisions also oblige the entrepreneur conducting intermediation in the transport of persons to “verify – including electronically via means of distance communication during the provision of the transport service, with the frequency necessary to ensure the safety of the transport of persons, but not less frequently than once in 100 transports – whether the person performing the carriage of passengers is actually the person to whom the carriage is entrusted.

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Penalty points and training

The new regulations restore the legal situation from before 2022. Information on the number of points received, collected in the central register, is to be deleted after a year, not two years, and drivers will be able to take part in a paid training course at the most once every six months, which will reduce 6 points penalties. Only new drivers will not be able to take advantage of this option – within a year of issuing a driving license for the first time. Training courses are to be organized by directors of provincial road traffic centers on the basis of later guidelines. Certificates confirming the completion of the course will be sent to the Voivodeship Police Commander. The mechanism will be restored, according to which the suspended driving license – after the period for which it was suspended – will be automatically returned, without the need to submit an application. The bill will now go to the Senate.

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