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The Americans showed how the Polish “Anakonda” saves a survivor. Baltops exercises are underway in the Baltic Sea

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Baltops exercises are underway in the Baltic Sea. During them, ships, as well as air and land forces from 20 countries take part in a number of scenarios aimed at improving performance in a multinational team and improving the ability to respond to modern threats and challenges. Poles also presented their skills and equipment capabilities.

On June 4-15, the main phase of the largest international exercises in the Baltic Sea, Baltops (Baltic Operations), in which 19 navies of the member states of the North Atlantic Alliance and Sweden as a strategic partner, including 50 ships, over 45 aircraft and thousands of soldiers from e.g. BelgiumCanada DenmarkEstonia, FinlandFrance, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

This is the 52nd edition of the maneuvers, which were inaugurated in 1972. Since 1993, new countries from the former Eastern Bloc, including Poland, have been invited to participate in the maneuvers

The main objective of the exercise is to increase the interoperability of naval forces NATO countries and Partnership for Peace (PfP) partner countries. The maneuvers put special emphasis on teamwork and teamwork of the ship’s crews, thus allowing for the expansion of the level of training. Baltops are exercises confirming the role of naval forces in the international security system and creating an atmosphere for the safe development of maritime economies.

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– The great value of Baltops is the ability to ensure that NATO Allies and Partners can work together and support each other as you never know what the recovery scenario will be [personelu – przyp. red]. But the more we work together, the more we are able to react in a short time (…) – says Joe Klein, Personnel Recovery program manager with US Naval Forces Europe-Africa, quoted by the command press office.

Poland “Anaconda” in action

On its Twitter, the American command of the US Naval Forces Europe-Africa shared a video recorded from the perspective of a survivor, which shows how the Polish “Anakonda” helicopter picks up a survivor from the water during exercises.

“Anaconda” is designed to perform search and rescue tasks over water and land, in various weather conditions, day and night. It can take up to eight survivors on board.

Main photo source: US Naval Forces Europe-Africa/US Sixth Fleet

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