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The announcement of an honorable departure and a sudden change of decision. “Party hardliners convinced her”

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The political cuisine of Law and Justice is full of surprises. Barbara Nowak, however, has changed her mind. First she resigned from her council seat, now she apologizes for the confusion. First she mentioned betrayal and honor, now she writes about a lesson in humility. After Law and Justice elected the Marshal of the Małopolska Province, one can really get lost – who betrayed, who has honor, and who has lost it.

– I hereby resign. Thank you very much and see you in a different, better situation – that's what Brabara Nowak said a few days ago.

Barbara Nowak's declaration from July 4 quickly became outdated. “I forgot that I was in the Małopolska regional council not by my own decision, but by the will of the voters,” she wrote on the “X” platform, thereby announcing that she would remain a councilor. A slight surprise in Law and Justice itself.

– Okay, I'm glad she changed her mind – comments Law and Justice MP Zbigniew Kuźmiuk.

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– The hard faction convinced her. She was convinced by this party rigidity. Mrs. Nowak is an example of this party rigidity – comments Miłosz Motyka, a councilor of the Małopolska province from the Polish People's Party.

Rebellion in Law and Justice

After several attempts, Law and Justice finally managed to elect the Marshal of Małopolska. – Crisis averted – commented Law and Justice MP Ryszard Terlecki. He added on the Internet that the blackmail proved effective.

Józef Gawron, a councilor elected on behalf of Law and Justice, was among the rebels who blocked Łukasz Kmita's candidacy for chairman of the regional council.

– You are a troll – Ryszard Terlecki shouted at him in the conference room. Józef Gawron did not hear it from the rostrum, he commented on the situation only on July 8.

– Something happened that causes great embarrassment and shame – commented the vice-marshal of the Małopolska province Józef Gawron. Shortly after this statement, Józef Gawron informed TVN24 about his resignation from the party. Piotr Ćwik did the same, although he will remain in the Małopolska club of Law and Justice. “It is worth being decent, always” – he wrote in his farewell post.

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Both in PiS and outside PiS, the chairman's weakness is visible. “From this iron Jarosław, we have a paper Jarosław”Tomasz Pupiec/Fakty po Południe TVN24

– When it comes to the functioning of the board, nothing much changes. Especially when it comes to the party, nothing changes – commented Zbigniew Kuźmiuk, a member of parliament from Law and Justice.

– I am not surprised at all, they are serious people, serious local government officials, maybe I do not agree with them on some issues, but leaving Law and Justice is absolutely justified here – assessed Grzegorz Małodobry, a councilor of the Małopolska province from the Civic Coalition.

“Law and Justice is probably about to undergo a general change”

Councillors Gawron and Ćwik were suspended in Law and Justice. Dark clouds gathered over them because they did not fulfill the will of Jarosław Kaczyński, which was to elect Kmita as marshal. Nowogrodzka's reaction was sharp.

– Traitors always end badly – commented Law and Justice MP Małgorzata Wasserman. – Eliminate them from the party – said Law and Justice president Jarosław Kaczyński. – If necessary, they will look for a new place on earth – echoed Law and Justice MP Marek Suski.

– They are far from the Napoleon of Polish politics, who for me is President Jarosław Kaczyński – said Law and Justice MP Łukasz Kmita.

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– The fact that Law and Justice is probably about to undergo a general change, maybe even of the party's name, is also explained by what is happening in Małopolska – says Professor Andrzej Piasecki, political scientist from the University of Economics in Krakow.

Following the election of the Marshal of the Law and Justice Party in Małopolska, Jarosław Kaczyński's party governs four of the 16 voivodeships.

Main image source: TVN24

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