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The area around the gas terminal is closed, the two largest monuments of the city and part of the beach are cut off. “It’s a tragedy of the right bank” Świnoujście

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The Świnoujście authorities warn that a sudden and unconstrained decision to create a 200-meter buffer around the LNG terminal may mean a blow to the city’s tourism. The road that leads not only to two important tourist attractions of the city, but also to many guesthouses, has been closed indefinitely.

From midnight on Thursday A checkpoint was erected on Ku Morzu Street in Świnoujście. The police and border guards turn back everyone except authorized persons. This is the result of the West Pomeranian Voivode Zbigniew Bogucki introducing an indefinite ban on staying in the zone up to 200 meters from the LNG terminal.

Blockade at the gas terminal in Świnoujścieiswinoujscie.pl

Cut off monuments and beach

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This decision closes land access to the city’s tourist attractions and many guesthouses. Ku Morzu Street, which has been closed, is a public road in the right-bank district of Świnoujście, which runs along the onshore part of the LNG terminal. The street is the only land route that can take you to the lighthouse and Gerhard’s Fort.

– These are our two greatest monuments. There is no access to them, the entire right bank will not be able to use the beach. You can’t get there even by public transport – Janusz Żmurkiewicz, the mayor of Świnoujście, is worried. And he adds: – The tragedy of the right bank is that the owners cannot earn money, the season will be lost for them.

What areas are excluded – check in the order of the voivode, which was published in the official journal.

Only the lighthouse is visited annually by 120,000 tourists. Holidaymakers in the right-bank part of Świnoujście – Warszewo – will have over 10 kilometers to the nearest beach, and not a kilometer, as before. A part of the bicycle route leading to Świnoujście has also been closed.

Świnoujście. The vicinity of the gas terminaltvn24

Residents ‘disgusted’, talk about ‘depriving money’

The decision will certainly hit the inhabitants of the right-bank part of Świnoujście, who live from tourism. – They built boarding houses, hotels, farms and they call us asking what to do, because if the beach is unavailable, no one will come to them. What do they say that it is 14 kilometers to Międzyzdroje to the beach? Zmurkiewicz wonders.

– The situation of the inhabitants has changed a lot now, everyone is disgusted. I am the father of a two-year-old and I can’t imagine going to the beach with my child anywhere else when we were close here. The season is about to start. This area will die, and it is already dying. We are deprived of money – Wojciech Polak, chairman of the board of the Warsz estate, told us.

LNG terminal in ŚwinoujścieGoogle Maps

– It fell on us like a thunderbolt from the blue. We could have thought about it, made an alternative way, and not overnight we were deprived of access to the sea – tells us Mikołaj Rzanny, the owner of the “Wczasy Wagonowe” holiday resort in Świnoujście.

As he adds, they have a full calendar for the middle of the season. – Two bookings have already been canceled due to lack of access to the sea. We have invested a lot of money, we have been operating for two years. Now we are thinking about moving to another place – he admits.

Świnoujście. Warszów cut off by the gas terminaltvn24

Voivode: safety first

The ban was made possible by the amendment to the Act on the Protection of Shipping and Sea Ports. It enables the voivode, at the request or after consulting the locally competent commander of the Border Guard unit and the head of the territorially competent organizational unit of the Internal Security Agency, to introduce a temporary ban on staying in a specific area up to 200 meters from the border of the property where the LNG terminal in Świnoujście is located . This may take place “in order to prevent, limit or remove a serious threat, including the occurrence of a terrorist event, referred to in Article 2(7) of the Act of June 10, 2016 on anti-terrorist activities, threatening the regasification terminal of liquefied natural gas in Świnoujście”.

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Zbigniew Bogucki, the West Pomeranian Voivode, emphasizes that the changes were introduced after consulting the Internal Security Agency, and all deputies and senators voted on the changes to the law. “Security must come first,” he believes and criticizes politicians who are disturbed by this decision because they “fit in with the Kremlin’s rhetoric.”

As the voivode adds, he understands the residents for whom these are specific difficulties. He proposes to create water connections to the cut off monuments. He also promises that they will work on an alternative road that will replace Ku Morzu Street.

Alternative proposal

However, Mayor Żmurkiewicz emphasizes that the current season is lost because the road, even a temporary one, will not be built before the summer. – Nobody consulted us. We only met when the law came into effect. Action needs to be taken urgently, he says.

He also has a proposal to organize public transport through a piece of the road excluded from use. He is to present it to the governor.

Meanwhile, the owners of boarding houses affected by the governor’s decision are wondering if they have a legal way to compensate.

Main photo source: tvn24

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